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Dobson spiritual empire wields political clout

(By Brian MacQuarrie, Globe Staff, 10/9/05)
Today, prayer is only part of what Dobson is dispersing through radio, books, and a panoply of other media as he takes his fight for family values from the shadow of Pikes Peak to the halls of Congress and the steps of the Supreme Court.

Baptist lobbyist walks a fine line

(By Nina J. Easton, Globe Staff, 10/10/05)
Richard Land's contact with a large gay community at the height of the counterculture era would shape a lifelong interest in combating what Land calls ''the homosexual lifestyle," a mission that he combines with an equally intense determination to denounce the hate-mongers within the Christian right.

Pastor rivets many without politics

(By Brian MacQuarrie, Globe Staff, 10/11/05)
As American political life has shifted toward the right, Rick Warren has assumed a place in the center of the movement, one of a new generation of leaders who have eclipsed and distanced themselves from controversy-dogged televangelists such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.
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