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Israel leaves south Lebanon in formal end to incursion

MARWAHEEN, Lebanon -- The Israeli army abandoned almost all of its positions in Lebanon early yesterday, a key step toward fulfilling a major condition of the truce that ended a month- long war against Hezbollah. ()

Hezbollah backers marching to Beirut

BEIRUT -- Hundreds of Hezbollah supporters from across southern Lebanon began marching toward Beirut yesterday for a rally to showcase the group's insistence that it won't disarm. (Boston Globe, 9/22/06)

Lebanon's air blockade lifted,
but Israel keeps sea closed

JERUSALEM -- Israel lifted its air blockade of Lebanon yesterday after eight weeks, but maintained its sea cordon after determining that not enough international forces had taken up position along the coast to enforce an arms embargo against the Shi'ite militia Hezbollah. (Boston Globe, 9/8/06)

UN chief to appoint Mideast mediator

United Nations chief Kofi Annan said yesterday he would appoint a mediator for indirect talks between Israel and Hezbollah on the release of two abducted Israeli soldiers, the first public word of negotiations between the bitter enemies since fighting in Lebanon ended. (Boston Globe, 9/5/06)

Casualties of war include
Lebanon's tourist industry

The day the bombs stopped falling on the verdant slopes of the Bekaa Valley, the Ksara winery dispatched its field workers to start picking grapes for the fall harvest. (Boston Globe, 9/4/06)

Israeli leadership at odds
over investigation of war effort

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz broke yesterday with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert by calling for an independent inquiry into their government's handling of the recent conflict in Lebanon. (Boston Globe, 9/2/06)

Israeli-Hezbollah war over,
Lebanon faces a deadly legacy

The fighting stopped two weeks ago, but it's still too dangerous for Abdullah Ziaeddine to move back into his war-blasted home, much less start to rebuild. (Boston Globe, 9/1/06)

Israel refuses UN appeal on Lebanon

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declined yesterday to lift Israel's six-week blockade of Lebanon despite appeals from visiting United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, who said it would help Lebanon's government and economy recover from a devastating war. (Boston Globe, 8/31/06)
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Annan assails Israeli blockade
while on a visit to Middle East

Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general, said yesterday that Israel's air and sea blockade of Lebanon was a ``humiliation," and demanded that it be lifted. But Israel said that it first needed assurances that forces deployed on the border could stop weapons shipments to Hezbollah. (Boston Globe, 8/30/06)

Annan faults Israel and Hezbollah

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan faulted Israel and Hezbollah yesterday for not living up to key sections of the cease-fire resolution, while two more countries took steps to provide troops for an expanded peacekeeping force to secure the truce. (Boston Globe, 8/29/06)

Hezbollah's rise deepens sectarian rifts

In the capital's battered Shi'ite Muslim neighborhoods, Hezbollah supporters crow about their ``divine victory" over Israel, celebrating to raucous and martial songs amid piles of rubble. (Boston Globe, 8/28/06)

Hezbollah leader voices regret
over raid that sparked war

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said in a television interview aired yesterday that he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers last month if he had known it would lead to a war. (Boston Globe, 8/28/06)

France commits 2,000 to UN force

President Jacques Chirac announced yesterday that France would send 2,000 soldiers to southern Lebanon and hopes to retain command of the UN peacekeeping force, as a top European Union official said international troops could start deploying within days. (Boston Globe, 8/25/06)

Lebanese Army steps warily
into its role as peacekeeper

Along this desolate border, Hezbollah fighters preside over checkpoints, their weapons just out of sight in nearby depots. Israeli soldiers cluster on nearby hilltops, clashing occasionally with enemy fighters and braving terrain still seeded with landmines from the 34-day conflict. (Boston Globe, 8/24/06)

UN: Tepid backing for peacekeeping mission threatens cease-fire

UN officials warned yesterday that the cease-fire in Lebanon is in danger of collapsing unless countries come forward to contribute troops to an expanded peacekeeping force by the end of the month. (Boston Globe, 8/23/06)

Olmert tries to defuse
public anger over war

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert tried to defuse growing public anger yesterday over his handling of the war against Hezbollah, promising to rebuild rocket-scarred border areas but rejecting peace talks with Syria, a key supporter of the Lebanese guerrillas. (Boston Globe, 8/22/06)
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Lebanon warns militants on truce

Lebanon's defense minister, Elias Murr, said yesterday he is certain Hezbollah will not break the cease-fire but warned all militant groups of harsh measures and a traitor's fate if they incite Israeli retaliation by firing rockets into the Jewish state. (Boston Globe, 8/21/06)

Israeli raid endangers cease-fire deal

Israeli commandos swept into the Bekaa Valley yesterday, staging a raid deep within Lebanese territory that enraged the government and threatened the fragile cease-fire that began on Monday. (Boston Globe, 8/20/06)

Hezbollah picks up the shovel

Lebanon's government is still talking about its own reconstruction plan, but Hezbollah has already flexed its organizational muscle to deploy heavy machinery, hundreds of engineers, and thousands of workers across the country, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in the process leaving the government looking flat-footed. (Boston Globe, 8/19/06)
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Common fears drive US-Israeli policy

Six days after Israel unleashed its military in Lebanon, hoping to decapitate the militant group Hezbollah, a senior US policymaker in Washington described the administration's feelings about the war. Couching the conflict as a proxy battle in a larger US-led struggle against Iran, Hezbollah's backer, he told a reporter: ``Hopefully, we will win." (Boston Globe, 8/18/06)
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Lebanon orders troop deployment

Breaking an impasse, the Lebanese government yesterday ordered army troops to deploy across southern Lebanon under a compromise arrangement that allows the Hezbollah militia to retain some of its arms caches near the border with Israel. (Boston Globe, 8/17/06)

In Israel, critics condemn
strategy behind war

Scathing indictments of the way the Israeli government and its military have conducted the longest war in the nation's history filled the country's newspapers and airwaves yesterday, as Israelis began to feel safe enough to return to their national pastime of blistering political debate. (Boston Globe, 8/16/06)

Truce largely holds in Lebanon
as thousands return to their homes

Tens of thousands of Lebanese streamed back to their homes in southern Lebanon yesterday, and Israelis in northern towns emerged from bomb shelters as a fragile cease-fire between Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters appeared to be largely holding through its first tense day. (Boston Globe, 8/15/06)

Hezbollah gains
as Lebanon's leaders struggle

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah has positioned himself to be a more influential player than ever in the event of an Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, taking advantage of a Lebanese government paralyzed by a complicated ethnic power-sharing system and a weak national army still reeling from decades of Syrian occupation. (Boston Globe, 8/13/06)

Israel takes strategic high ground

But Israel delayed a major push northward in Lebanon as diplomats cited progress toward agreement on a UN cease-fire resolution that could soon go to a vote. (Boston Globe, 8/11/06)

Israeli officials back expanded
ground offensive in Lebanon

Israel's security Cabinet yesterday approved a major expansion of the war against Hezbollah as combat raged across southern Lebanon, killing 15 Israeli soldiers, the highest daily combat toll in the four-week-old war, and an estimated 40 Hezbollah fighters. (Boston Globe, 8/10/06)

Israeli forces step up attack,
push deeper into Lebanon

Several thousand Israeli troops made their deepest push yet into southern Lebanon yesterday and battled Hezbollah fighters in a series of fierce clashes. Tens of thousands more Israeli reservists were poised for a possible major ground incursion. (Boston Globe, 8/2/06)

Devotion and discipline fuel Hezbollah's fight

The Hezbollah fighter who called himself Hussein foraged yesterday in the wreckage of a hilltop home where just a week ago his unit had fought with an Israeli assault force in one of the deadliest clashes of the nearly three-week-old war. (Boston Globe, 8/1/06)

Israel orders air war pause
after raid kills many civilians

Hours after its warplanes killed dozens of women and children in a bombing raid on this southern Lebanese village, Israel agreed last night to halt its aerial war in Southern Lebanon for 48 hours, as international condemnation mounted over the heavy civilian death toll. (Boston Globe, 7/31/06)

Refugees try to flee Lebanon's war zone

Nearly all who were hardy enough to endure a four-hour gantlet of shells and gunfire fled the front at Bint Jbail yesterday: pregnant women and others with newborns, elderly women without shoes, children barely old enough to walk. (Boston Globe, 7/26/06)

Some in Iran skeptical of Hezbollah

Here in the capital that US officials blame for prodding Hezbollah to attack Israel, city-sponsored posters herald the Lebanese militants as heroes of resistance, and official newspapers portray the bloody Israeli-Lebanese conflict as one of Iran's biggest concerns. (Boston Globe, 7/25/06)

For fleeing Lebanese families,
road to safety exacts heavy toll

The Srour family's dream of evacuating to Germany died yesterday afternoon on a south Lebanon road when an Israeli bomb struck their car, killing the head of the family and one of his sons. (Boston Globe, 7/24/06)
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Hezbollah gambles on holding
Shi'ite hearts and minds

In waging a war that has brought personal catastrophe upon thousands of its own supporters, Hezbollah is gambling that it can keep the zealous support of Shi'ites like Adla Yousef Daab, one of the countless refugees who dismiss their own loss as an acceptable sacrifice in the war against Israel. (Boston Globe, 7/23/06)
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Israel readies ground assault

Israeli aircraft and artillery pounded suspected Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon and tanks gathered on the border yesterday as signs mounted that a substantial Israeli ground incursion was imminent. (Boston Globe, 7/22/06)

Iran helped cultivate Mideast crisis, US says

What began as a kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Lebanese militants is now being seen by some senior Bush administration officials as a defining moment in a far larger struggle by Iran and its allies against the United States and the West. (Boston Globe, 7/21/06)

Israel hits Hezbollah stronghold

Israeli warplanes last night dropped bombs on a bunker in south Beirut where Israel said Hezbollah leaders were meeting, dramatically escalating the conflict on the deadliest day yet in Israel's week-long offensive against the Islamic militant group. (Boston Globe, 7/20/06)

In Lebanon and Gaza campaigns, no assurances of success for Israel

Six days into Israel's punishing campaign against Hezbollah guerrillas, it is unclear whether military force can achieve the Jewish state's most ambitious goal in Lebanon -- to disarm Hezbollah completely -- or how heavy a strategic blow Israel can inflict on the Islamist militia and its allies, Hamas, Iran, and Syria. (Boston Globe, 7/19/06)

Annan, Blair call for peacekeepers

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, and other world leaders called yesterday for sending an international force to southern Lebanon, amid increasingly urgent diplomatic activity to stop the spiraling conflict between Israel and the Hezbollah militant group. (Boston Globe, 7/18/06)
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Growing Mideast conflict
stirs fears in Boston area

Nayla Raffol of Needham fears for the lives of her three youngest daughters, who are visiting their father in Lebanon. Israeli bombings have made it nearly impossible to travel to or from the country. (Boston Globe, 7/17/06)
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Desperate choices inside Lebanon

After days of bombardment and blockade by Israel, many Lebanese and visitors faced a tough choice: to leave through the last remaining exit routes or hunker down with extra candles, water, and powdered milk. (Boston Globe, 7/16/06)

Crisis seen as chance to reshape Mideast

The escalating Hezbollah-Israeli confrontation is just one of several political and military showdowns playing out simultaneously as competing players vie to reshape the Middle East according to their own interests. (Boston Globe, 7/15/06)

Fighting rises across Israel, Lebanon line

Israeli forces struck at Lebanon's air, sea, and land routes yesterday, and fighters from the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah fired more than 100 rockets into Israel in an escalating conflict that left dozens dead and threatened to engulf countries across the Middle East. (Boston Globe, 7/14/06)

Attack puts Israel on a second front

A deadly cross-border attack by Hezbollah gunmen into northern Israel yesterday opened a second front in Israel's battle with Islamic extremists, just two weeks after Hamas fighters crossed into southern Israel and kidnapped a soldier. (Boston Globe, 7/13/06)
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