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Best Men
Eric Hyett and Joshua Glazer.
Eric Hyett and Joshua Glazer. (Globe Staff Photo / Michele McDonald)
Amy Lowenthal and Brian Hyett.
Amy Lowenthal and Brian Hyett. (Globe Staff Photo / Michele McDonald)
The Hyett family in 1974.
The Hyett family in 1974.
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Two brothers, two weddings, one family

(By Thomas Farragher and Patricia Wen, Globe Staff)
Brian and Eric Hyett had been best friends, roommates, unusually close. Growing up in Brookline, they had a pact to stand united in the face of family turmoil.

One bond shatters, another strengthens

(By Patricia Wen and Thomas Farragher, Globe Staff)
Barbara Hyett and her husband Norman had raised two sons together, but sustaining a sense of romance through it all had been difficult.

Fully mended, and seeking to settle down

(By Patricia Wen and Thomas Farragher, Globe Staff)
Settling down hadn't come easily to Brian Hyett. He struggled to establish a professional path, and he was caught up directly in the aftermath of his parents' divorce.

Battling the fear of commitment

(By Thomas Farragher and Patricia Wen, Globe Staff)
Eric Hyett loved men his own age -- or perhaps a bit older -- and long-term relationships. Now, he had neither. And he found himself enjoying this footloose interlude.

Trepidation, resolve, and reconciliation

(By Thomas Farragher and Patricia Wen, Globe Staff)
Brian and Amy's wedding is a celebrated certainty. But just 16 days before Eric plans to marry his partner, their wedding is threatened by politics and procedure.
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About the series:   This series is based on extensive interviews over the last several months with members of the Hyett family, Joshua Glazer, and Amy Lowenthal, as well as with two dozen family members and friends. Unless otherwise noted in the text, all direct quotes were either heard by a reporter or confirmed by two or more parties present when the conversation took place. When someone's thoughts or feelings are described, the source is that person. The series also draws from the Hyett family's personal journals, essays, letters, e-mails, photo albums, and home movies, which the family made available to the Globe. Barbara Hyett's thoughts on her wedding day and her assessment of the Hyetts' marriage in 1991 is drawn from her essay entitled, "On Staying Married for Twenty-Five Years," written in the summer of 1991. The account of Brian Hyett's fall on the night of Feb. 14, 1997, and his recuperation is drawn from interviews, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center records, and an essay he later wrote about it. Some details of the Hyetts' divorce are drawn from the divorce records on file at Norfolk Probate Court. The photograph used in the series logo of Eric and Brian Hyett as young boys was taken by Boston photographer Richard LaHart.
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