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Top Big Pictures in 2013

We've published about 150 entries this year, covering everything from the bleakest of news events to the glory of nature. By calling them 'Top', we don't mean to imply anything about the stories covered by the stunning photographs - just that the most people looked at what we published during 2013. Here's the Top 10 (which includes some topics published in previous years):

Terror at the Boston Marathon

The Natural World

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

Russia in Color, A Century Ago

A Soldier's Eye: Rediscovered Pictures from Vietnam

Best Nature Pictures of 2012

2013 National Geographic Photo Contest entries

125 Years of National Geographic

Potential Effects of Agrochemicals in Argentina

Smithsonian Magazine 2012 Photography Contest: 50 Finalists

And here are just a few others we liked that didn't make the Top 10:

Massacre at a Nairobi Mall

Supermoon 2013


Shadow and Light