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Northeast Buoy Map
44032 44033 44038 44036 44027 MISM1 MDRM1 44035 44034 44007 44037 44031 44030 ALSN6 44005 IOSN3 44029 44013 44011 BUZM3 44018 44008 44017 44025

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The National Data Buoy Center operates a network of buoys and automatic land-based weather stations along the coast that gather meteorological and oceanographic data. They measure air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, and wind direction. Many also measure sea surface temperature, wave heights, and wave periods. These observations are relayed by satellite to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which posts them on the Internet.

ID Location Latitude Longitude
44036 Buoy off Saint John Harbor, New Brunswick 45.20N 66.02W
44038 Buoy in Scotian Shelf, off Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 43.62N 66.55W
44011 Buoy in Georges Bank, 170 nautical miles east of Hyannis 41.09N 66.59W
44035 Buoy in Cobscook Bay, off Eastport, Me. 44.89N 67.02W
44027 Buoy off Jonesport, Maine 44.27N 67.31W
44037 Buoy in Jordan Basin, 65 nautical miles southeast of Rockland, Me. 43.49N 67.88W
44034 Buoy in Eastern Maine Shelf, off Bar Harbor, Me. 44.11N 68.11W
MDRM1 Mount Desert Rock Light, 20 nautical miles off Mount Desert Island, Me. 43.97N 68.13W
MISM1 Matinicus Rock Light, Matinicus, Me. 43.78N 68.85W
44033 Buoy in west Penobscot Bay, off Rockland, Me. 44.06N 69.00W
44005 Bouy in the Gulf of Maine, 78 nautical miles east of Portsmouth, N.H. 43.18N 69.18W
44018 Buoy 30 nautical miles east of Nantucket 41.30N 69.20W
44032 Buoy in Central Maine Shelf, 13 nautical miles east of Boothbay Harbor, Me. 43.72N 69.36W
44008 Buoy 54 nautical miles southeast of Nantucket 40.50N 69.43W
44031 Buoy in Casco Bay, off Portland Harbor, Me. 43.57N 70.06W
44007 Buoy 12 nautical miles southeast of Portland, Me. 43.53N 70.14W
44030 Buoy in Western Maine Shelf, off Cape Neddick, Me. 43.18N 70.43W
44029 Buoy in Mass. Bay/Stellwagen, off Gloucester 42.52N 70.57W
IOSN3 White Island Light, Isles of Shoals, N.H. 42.97N 70.62W
44013 Buoy 16 nautical miles east of Boston 42.35N 70.69W
BUZM3 Buzzards Bay, off New Bedford, Mass. 41.40N 71.03W
44017 Buoy off Long Island, 23 nautical miles southwest of Montauk Point, N.Y. 40.70N 72.00W
44025 Buoy off Long Island, 33 nautical miles south of Islip, N.Y. 40.25N 73.17W
ALSN6 Ambrose Light Tower, 7.4 nautical miles east of Sandy Hook, N.J. 40.47N 73.83W