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Mississippi delegation

The state has 38 delegate votes in all at the Republican National Convention in New York City. Here is a list of delegates provided by the Associated Press. Not all delegation lists are complete.

Rosemary Aultman, Clinton, Miss., 58, Mayor

Haley Barbour, Jackson, Miss., 56, Governor

Marsha Barbour, Jackson, Miss., 55, First Lady

Rosemary Ramirez Barbour, Jackson, Miss., Computer and Mathematical

Susan Beckett, Bruce, Miss., 44, Sales

Vivian Berryhill, Olive Branch, Miss., 50, Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media

Yvonne Brown, Tchlua, Miss., 51, Mayor

Phil Bryant, Brandon, Miss., 49, State Auditor

Thad Cochran, Jackson, Miss., 66, U.S. Senator

Wilbur Colom, Columbus, Miss., 54, Legal

Sandra DePriest, Columbus, Miss., Legal

Frank Genzer, Biloxi, Miss., 60, Architecture and Engineering

Alvin E. Gilless, Southaven, Miss., 63, Sales

John M. Hairston, Gulfport, Miss., 40, Financial Specialists

Shirley Hall, Richland, Miss., 55, Financial Specialists

Gary Harkins, Brandon, Miss., 12, Financial Specialists

Gregg Harper, Pearl, Miss., 48, Legal

James Herring, Canton, Miss., 65, Legal

Trent Lott, Washington , D.C., 62, U.S. Senator

Howard McKissack, Pass Christian, Miss., 71, Retired

Stephanie Summer O'Neal, Jackson, Miss., 34, Management

Cindy Phillips, Madison, Miss., 51, Homemaker

Chip Pickering, Flora, Miss., 41, U.S. Congressman

Hilda Povall, Cleveland, Miss., 54, Office and Administrative Support

Billy Powell, Madison, Miss., 66, Architecture and Engineering

Clarke Reed, Greenville, Miss., 75

Jon Reeves, Southaven, Miss., 68, Construction

Michael Retzer, Greenville, Miss., 58, Food Preparation and Serving

Sampat Shivangi, Jackson, Miss., 63, Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Jessica Upshaw, Diamondhead, Miss., 44, Legal

William Van Devender, Jackson, Miss., 55, Management

Roger F. Wicker, Tupelo, Miss., 53, U.S. Representative

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