Party: Independent

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: 626 High St., Dedham, MA 02026
Phone: (781) 326-8944

Age: 62

Occupation: Export seafood to the European Union

Family: Son, 32, working; daughter, 21, senior in college. I live with my wife, Arlene Barbieri, and our youngest daughter, age 14, a student at Westwood High School.

Town: Westwood

Education: Bachelor of arts degree, Bard College.

Experience: Public planning: I worked in the city of Beverly planning department and then served as executive director of the Southern Essex Solid Waste Council.
Technical services: I worked for a number of major, regional architectural and engineering firms, becoming VP for business development.
Manufacturing: I started a business designing and installing specialized water treatment systems for holding live seafood. As an owner and CEO of Marine Biotech Inc., I was instrumental in installing major commercial, seafood holding systems here in New England and throughout the world.
Export trading: I sold my share in Marine Biotech and opened North American ImEx in 1997. ImEx is a brokerage operation that provides additional services in consolidation, logistics, product development, packaging, etc.
Public service: I organized cities and towns into a regional planning district and was "elected" to lead them in their common purpose as executive director of the agency.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"Because I am very concerned for my children's future, and those in power for the past 10 years have proven themselves completely incapable of protecting their futures."

— Submitted by the candidate


The economy

How can the federal government best stimulate the economy?

"Through investment in infrastructure. This would be paid for by commensurate reductions in Pentagon and State Department spending, particularly monies now being spent overseas to wage two entirely unproductive wars and to maintain more than 800 overseas military bases, many of which are "protecting" other nations who neither want nor need our "protection," and who, in any case, are in much better economic health than we are.

A good example is the fact that we give $3 billion a year to the state of Israel, which is well enough off to provide 100% of its citizenry with 100% free health care.

Infrastructure investment keeps the money circulating domestically (we produce most of what we need to build/repair our roads, bridges, water and sewer plants, high-speed rail beds, a modernized electrical grid, etc.) and will result in assets that are immediately useful to everyone (businesses as well as families) and fund jobs that pay well, for people who will spend the money, supporting additional jobs."

Bush tax cuts

Will you vote to continue the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush for the top 3% of earners?


Federal deficit

If the bipartisan deficit commission says that both spending reductions and revenue increases, including tax hikes, are necessary to reduce the federal deficit to a sustainable level, would you support such a package?

"Yes. Our politicians have been telling us many lies, but the biggest has been that borrowing all the money they've been borrowing was something other than deferred taxation.

Our gutless politicians, from both parties, have assured us we could have two senseless wars, cheap energy and food, all the consumer goods that Asian economies can produce, and they won't have to "raise our taxes."

Instead of raising taxes, which we wouldn't have supported, they went out and borrowed the money instead. And now, after having given multinational companies incentives to move the means of production overseas, they pretend that they can continue to borrow money, continue to reduce taxes, and we'll somehow "grow" our way out of the hole they dug for us. Grow our way out with what industrial base?

There is going to be hardship here; we're all going to have to sacrifice to repair the damage that the current generation of professional politicians has done to our country. Any wannabe politician who says that repairing the damage will not require higher costs for goods and services and higher taxes is selling voters a bridge to nowhere.

The conventional wisdom is that if you tell people the truth, you can't get elected. I think that people know there is no cheap and painless way out of this mess, but what they are insisting on is competence and performance, the assurance that if they have to sacrifice and work harder, their children will inherit a solvent nation, and that the politicians will be held strictly accountable for their performance. As a people we can do this, but not with the current crop of professional hacks, who don't live in the real world along with the rest of us, still in control."

Health care law

What is your view of the national health care law?

"It's a lousy bill, but I would have voted for it. It is typical of the only kind of legislation which can be produced by this thoroughly corrupt Congress."

Illegal immigration

Do you agree with Arizona's new immigration law? If not, what should the country do about illegal immigration?

"No, but only on technicalities. The problem of illegal immigration will only be solved when we enforce the laws on the real culprits: the companies that are providing the employment which attracts and maintains illegal immigrants.

It is truly ironic that we are spending $7 billion a month, supposedly teaching the Afghans how to secure their country, when we can't even secure the Mexican border. That border is porous because very powerful financial interests want it to be so, so there is a plentiful supply of people who can be exploited to enhance their profits.

Put a few top executives from companies in the food processing, hospitality, agri-business, and construction industries in jail for terms of a few years and fine their firms multi-millions of dollars and those jobs will dry up and those who don't belong here will find their way home.

The idea that our citizens and legal aliens don't want to do certain jobs is false. If you pay people a living wage to pick string beans, there'll be plenty of people willing to pick string beans. We all are a part of this problem, because we all have to be willing to pay a little more for string beans."


Do you support free trade or fair trade? Why?

"Fair trade. We can't compete with countries with much less stringent labor and environmental laws. Fair trade means a level playing field."

Social security

What specific changes would you support to make Social Security and Medicare sustainable over the long term?

"Regarding Social Security, the most immediate remedial fix would be to remove the base wage limit from FICA. The current withholding formula is regressive.

Regarding Medicare, it should be funded not based on payroll taxes, but on income taxes. People who own S corporations can pay themselves very little in wages (subject to payroll taxes) and quite a bit in "S-Corp Distributions" (not subject to payroll taxes) and then enjoy Medicare coverage like everyone who's been paying 1.42% of everything they've earned for their entire careers.

These circumstances are examples of many which expose the reality that the tax system is geared to favor those who have more over those who have less. Fixing the entitlement programs is not difficult once the premise is accepted that those who enjoy most of the political power are going to have to accept a fairer share of the cost of maintaining them.

The solutions to so many of the problems we face will be found in fairness and common sense. Those are the principles that made our society strong, and those are the principles that can unify us and make us purposeful and successful again."

Responses gathered through e.thePeople

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