Party: Republican

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: 364 Littleton Road, Westford, MA
Phone: (978) 589-5166

Occupation: Small businessperson

Family: Wife, Phyllis; kids Tillie, 8, and Zeke, 11.

Town: Carlisle

Education: Bachelor of arts degree in history with honors, Dartmouth College, 1989.
Master of arts degree in international economics, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 1992.
Master of business administration in multinational management and finance, Wharton School of Business, 1993.

Experience: Successful small businessperson, licensed reseller of Boston College merchandise.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"Niki Tsongas is not listening to the people. For too long, the people of the 5th District have been ignored by the person elected to represent them.

We did not want the trillion-dollar health care plan that is increasing costs and limiting access.

We did not want trillions spent on stimulus plans that failed to create sustainable jobs or fix the economy.

We don't want the Cap and Trade Energy Tax or the bailouts of Wall Street and car companies.

And we did not want $14 TRILLION in debt.

But we got it.

I'm running to bring a voice of the district back to Congress because I want my children to have the same opportunities I have had in my life."

— Submitted by the candidate


The economy

How can the federal government best stimulate the economy?

"By getting out of the way.

The private sector creates jobs; the federal government's only role should be creating a business-friendly climate.

Right now, we have the second-highest corporate tax rate in the world, and we wonder why companies are closing or leaving the state and country.

We have a Congress that has yet to extend the Bush tax cuts and if they don't, we will have massive tax increases for everyone, including the small business owners, and we wonder why they aren't able to grow and hire.

Stop the over-taxation and over-regulation that is killing our economy, and stop spending."

Bush tax cuts

Will you vote to continue the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush for the top 3% of earners?

"I will vote to continue the Bush tax cuts that affected every taxpayer in this country.

You do not raise taxes in the middle of a recession and when people are having trouble paying bills."

Federal deficit

If the bipartisan deficit commission says that both spending reductions and revenue increases, including tax hikes, are necessary to reduce the federal deficit to a sustainable level, would you support such a package?

"No. People simply cannot afford a tax increase, so Congress is going to have to cut spending.

Let's start by stopping the bailouts and stimulus packages that are all failing. Let's use unspent stimulus funds to pay down the debt."

Health care law

What is your view of the national health care law?

"It's a bad law.

It imposed a 2.3% excise tax on medical device manufacturers. How do you decrease the cost of health care by increasing the cost of equipment needed? It makes no sense.

It increased costs and limited access for insurance consumers when it claimed to do the opposite.

We need to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Let's start with medical malpractice limits to get the lawyers out of exam rooms.

Open up state lines and competition so people can buy insurance anywhere, and limit state mandates."

Illegal immigration

Do you agree with Arizona's new immigration law? If not, what should the country do about illegal immigration?

"The federal government failed to enforce its own laws so Arizona said they'd do it themselves. I completely support that.

We need to get this issue under control. The illegal immigration problem effects our economy, our health and education systems, and our safety.

Shore up those borders and stop the magnets for illegals. No state or federal benefits, and no jobs. Punish employers who hire illegals.

No magnets and no taxpayer-funded benefits and you will find fewer illegals come here."


Do you support free trade or fair trade? Why?

This candidate hasn't responded yet; please check back later.

Social security

What specific changes would you support to make Social Security and Medicare sustainable over the long term?

"We need to make sure that our promises to our seniors are kept.

The Obamacare legislation cut $500 billion from the Medicare program, and it still claims that the bill was good for seniors.

We can do better with our entitlement programs if we stop robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

We need to stop spending on programs like ant studies in foreign countries. And we may just find we have more money for the people who have earned it here."

Responses gathered through e.thePeople

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