Party: Independent

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: PO Box 4006, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Age: 44

Occupation: Director, Community Transition Program,
Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

Family: Wife Claudia

Town: Shrewsbury

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

" Pat Barron is an Independent candidate in the 3rd Congressional District. He is a true outsider to Washington DC and political partisanship.

Pat has spent more than 20 years in human services helping people improve their lives. He has done this work in the private and public sectors, and is currently working for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

Pat believes in order to help facilitate positive change, the helping person, business, or system must look in the mirror and assess how his or her own behavior, rules, or systems have impacted change positively or negatively. Both parties in Washington refuse to do this.

Pat is running on a platform of Washington reform. Eliminating special interest money, true campaign finance reform, and transparency are examples.

Pat Barron believes that without significant reform, both Republicans and Democrats will continue to deliver the same failed policies, gridlock, and govern by self-interest.

To date, Pat Barron is the only candidate to have signed the Public Trust Pledge, voluntarily eliminating special-interest money from campaigns.

To date, Pat Barron is the only candidate who acknowledges the inherent conflict of interest when candidates' campaigns donate to other candidates or active politicians.

In just the past 18 months, the Massachusetts congressional delegation has made more than 100 such donations, for a combined $2.7 million, to candidates and to their parties. This is often seen as a way to circumvent campaign finance rules and as potentially buying votes from other elected official or candidates.

Pat Barron is the only candidate who has voluntarily pledged to eliminate this practice.

As the only Independent candidate in the 3rd Congressional District, Pat Barron will lead by offering non-partisan, commonsense, effective, and efficient solutions."

— Submitted by the candidate


The economy

How can the federal government best stimulate the economy?

"Give people their money.

Eliminate the death tax, freeze the federal income tax for a minimum of one year, cut capital gains tax on American-owned, American-staffed companies by up to 50% over five years, eliminate capital gains tax on the first $20,000 of interest earned, dividends earned, and do not let current tax cuts expire.

Washington should create stability in the market by having clear and consistent regulatory and tax policies, which can be relied upon for a stable period of time.

As is occurring now, discussing the idea of a possible and small tax break that may or may not be in effect for a period of only six months is not helpful."

Bush tax cuts

Will you vote to continue the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush for the top 3% of earners?

"See above."

Federal deficit

If the bipartisan deficit commission says that both spending reductions and revenue increases, including tax hikes, are necessary to reduce the federal deficit to a sustainable level, would you support such a package?

"Package? People are tired of 2,000+ page bills, midnight votes, 'sweeping reform' and 'comprehensive overhauls'. These issues should be addressed in a more incremental, methodical fashion.

Politicians in Washington should show they are serious about reform and start by cutting spending."

Health care law

What is your view of the national health care law?

"I think it's another example of the government trying to help the minority by regulating, restricting, and taxing the majority.

The open display of political corruption in the process of passing the health care bill was astounding. Bribing states for votes, midnight votes, unread bills, and political contortionism to achieve what some politicians wanted over the majority of Americans is appalling.

Why are politicians so afraid to make clear, concrete steps toward fixing a problem, which then can be measured and modified as necessary?"

Illegal immigration

Do you agree with Arizona's new immigration law? If not, what should the country do about illegal immigration?

"I agree the federal government has had a failing immigration policy for more than 40 years. I agree with what Arizona was forced to do by failing federal policy and lack of enforcement.

I am confused when politicians say we cannot trust the Arizona police because they 'might' profile people, yet those very same politicians say we should trust all police 100% when they want to eliminate gun ownership.

Hypocrisy in politicians is a clear demonstration they will legislate on self-interest and special interest over public interest."


Do you support free trade or fair trade? Why?

"Many current politicians think they, by way of expansion of government, have the ability to overcome life's axiom that life is not fair.

True free trade is always best, but not the false free trade promoted by an unchecked federal government. Once again, the answer is to have less government involvement.

By creating a fair and consistent playing field allowing for people to succeed and unfortunately, at times, fail, should be the goal.

The government's desire to protect all who may fail leads to an ever-expanding, less effective set of regulations, which have, over time, have become incomprehensible and too burdensome to be effective."

Social security

What specific changes would you support to make Social Security and Medicare sustainable over the long term?

"First we need to guarantee people in the present system that what has been promised will be delivered.

I am a proponent of choice and believe any system that allows for personal choice is superior to one that does not.

I believe people entering into the system should have the ability to choose to partially privatize and take responsibility for their retirement.

Since private retirement investing is statistically superior, many people would choose this path with enough success to alleviate the total burden on the system."

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