Party: Democratic

Incumbent: Yes

Headquarters: PO Box 60405, Worcester, MA 01606
Phone: (508) 795-1998

Age: 50

Occupation: U.S. Representative for Massachusetts' 3rd Congressional District

Family: Wife Lisa; children Patrick and Molly.

Town: Worcester

Education: Bachelor of arts degree, 1981, and master of public administration degree, 1984, The American University.

Experience: Currently serving my 7th term in Congress, I am the vice chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee, which sets the terms for debate and amendments on most legislation, and a member of the House Budget Committee.
I also am co-chair of both the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission and the House Hunger Caucus.
Before my election to Congress, I spent 14 years working as a senior aide for the late US Rep. John Joseph Moakley (D-South Boston), former dean of the Massachusetts delegation and chairman of the House Rules Committee.
In 1989, I was the lead investigator on the Moakley Commission Congressional Investigation into the murders of 6 Jesuit priests, their housekeeper, and her daughter in 1989.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"I'm running for re-election because I'm anxious to keep fighting: to grow jobs, to help small businesses, to increase renewable energy, and to expand biotechnology.

I'm impatient. I'm impatient to get things done -- to cut through bureaucratic red tape to get people back to work and to see our economy flourish.

My focus is on progress, growth, development, and the future. We need to stay aggressively focused on bringing economic security and growth to the 3rd Congressional District.

We need to invest in infrastructure, and we need to invest in education. And to the extent we skimp on education, we're going to lose our competitive edge.

I also pledge to continue to be a leader in the fight to bring our troops home safely from Afghanistan. I'm tired of nation-building over there; it's time we do some nation-building here in the 3rd Congressional District."

— Submitted by the candidate


The economy

How can the federal government best stimulate the economy?

"We must redouble our efforts - through tax incentives and eliminating bureaucratic red tape - to support small businesses, which will be the engines of the economic recovery.

Massachusetts firms are on the cutting edge of some of the most important industries of the future - medical technology, green energy, and advanced manufacturing. We must do all we can to keep those jobs here in the United States by eliminating tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

We must also continue to rebuild our infrastructure and improve our educational system so that we can compete in the 21st century economy."

Bush tax cuts

Will you vote to continue the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush for the top 3% of earners?

"No. We must get serious about getting our deficit and debt under control. I believe that the wealthy in this country did very well in the 1990s, and we should return to those tax rates."

Federal deficit

If the bipartisan deficit commission says that both spending reductions and revenue increases, including tax hikes, are necessary to reduce the federal deficit to a sustainable level, would you support such a package?

"It certainly depends on the details, but I believe that everything should be on the table - spending and revenue.

We must look closely not just at domestic spending, but also at defense spending, the amount of money we are borrowing for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and entitlements like Social Security and Medicare."

Health care law

What is your view of the national health care law?

"I support the new law.

We have finally ended insurance companies' ability to discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions.

We are closing the 'donut hole' in the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Young people can stay on their parents' insurance until age 26.

Small businesses will get tax relief for providing health care for their workers.

And the law will significantly curb health care spending and reduce the deficit in the decades to come."

Illegal immigration

Do you agree with Arizona's new immigration law? If not, what should the country do about illegal immigration?

"I do not agree with the Arizona law. What the Arizona experience shows is that the federal government has failed to do its job on the issue of immigration.

I believe we need a comprehensive approach. We should increase border security. We should crack down on employers who recruit and exploit cheap illegal labor.

And we should develop a commonsense plan for people who are already here which requires them to come out of the shadows, learn English, pay their taxes, and then get in the back of the line for citizenship."


Do you support free trade or fair trade? Why?

"I support fair trade. US trade policy must focus not just on the bottom lines of big businesses. We must also consider workers' rights, environmental issues, and human rights."

Social security

What specific changes would you support to make Social Security and Medicare sustainable over the long term?

"We have already begun to take important steps to shore up Medicare with the new health care law. We must eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare system, and we must continue to find ways to reduce costs. Technology, like electronic medical records, can be of tremendous help in reducing health care costs.

But the best way to ensure the long-term viability of both Social Security and Medicare is to focus on reducing the deficit and debt and returning our country to a path toward fiscal sustainability. I strongly oppose 'privatizing' Social Security, which would leave people's retirement security to the vagaries of the stock market."

Responses gathered through e.thePeople

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