Party: Independent

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: 11 Hartford Circle, Andover, MA
Phone: (978) 470-0024

Age: 43

Occupation: Small business owner

Family: My husband John and I have been married for 15 years, and we have two children who are 12 and 6 years old.

Town: Andover

Education: Burlington High School

Experience: No political experience.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"I entered this race because our elected officials are no longer listening to We The People.

I am tired of party politics, corruption, wasteful spending, and a total disregard for America's core values and principles. Our founding fathers did not set up our government so that it would run our lives, but so that it would uphold our laws.

I promise to uphold our Constitution, fight for our rights and freedoms as American citizens, represent the people of my district, and keep my constituents involved and aware of what is happening on Beacon Hill.

I will work for tax incentives to draw businesses to Massachusetts and for existing businesses to stay and grow here. We need to reduce regulations and get banks lending again - these steps will in turn create a REAL stimulus for our economy.

Thriving companies will need to hire, people will get back to work which will increase revenue, money can start moving again, people will be more comfortable to spend. Our economy will truly start to improve.

I think our country is heading in the wrong direction, and I want to help turn it around."

— Submitted by the candidate


Health costs

The Mass. Taxpayers Foundation recently recommended that local officials be given the power to design their own health plans without having to negotiate with the unions, and that state retirees use Medicare for their primary health care coverage. Do you support these proposals?

"Yes. We have to look at all ways to control costs and maintain local control."

State pensions

The foundation also proposed changes in state and municipal pensions, such as increasing the retirement age and capping annual pensions at $100,000. Do you agree?

"I agree we need pension reform."


Do you believe in keeping the requirement that a student must pass the MCAS or an MCAS-like test in order to graduate from high school?

"Yes. Our kids need to receive the best education possible, and to make sure they have reached that level, MCAS serves that purpose.

I am against changing to a national standardized test. We cannot lower the standards for our kids - we should raise the bar."

Public records

Should the state Legislature be exempt from the state's public records law?

"No. No one should be above the law."

Party leadership

Cite any votes (if an incumbent) or positions (if a challenger or newcomer) you have taken that disagree with the stance taken by your party's legislative leadership.

"Being an Independent, I am not ruled by party agenda. I make decisions based on facts and common sense and as your senator, also from the input of the voters in my district."


Will you make public any questionnaires you fill out in pursuit of the endorsement of unions or other groups?

"I have not filled out any PAC questionnaires - I have no special interest group endorsements. I couldn't accept their support knowing that I would owe them favors once in office. I don't see how it would be possible to effectively represent the people."

Legislative audit

Should the Legislature be subject to a full audit?


Formal sessions

Is the Legislature holding enough full formal sessions?


Term limits

Should there be term limits for the jobs of House Speaker and Senate President?

"Yes. All public officials should have term limits. If they are in office too long, they become complacent and stop being concerned about We The People as we have seen time and again."

Responses gathered through e.thePeople

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