Party: Republican

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: 1 Corneau St., Fall River, MA
Phone: (508) 259-9141

Age: 47

Occupation: Farmer, traffic signal supervisor

Family: Married to Madelyn (Forcier). Two daughters.

Town: Lakeville

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration.
Bachelor's degree in engineering.
Master's degree in public administration.

Experience: Farmer, cranberry grower, traffic signal supervisor for the Department of Transportation, Lakeville Board of Selectmen, local Planning Board, renewable energy, Lakeville Development Corp., Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator, union contract negotiator, Zoning Board, etc.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"It's time we bring common sense back to Beacon Hill. They have forgot that they work for the taxpayer!"

— Submitted by the candidate


Health costs

The Mass. Taxpayers Foundation recently recommended that local officials be given the power to design their own health plans without having to negotiate with the unions, and that state retirees use Medicare for their primary health care coverage. Do you support these proposals?

"Yes. Currently, the state can plan design; however, they won't give cities and towns the option to plan design. It is a crucial tool that I, as a current selectman, have been asking for for several years."

State pensions

The foundation also proposed changes in state and municipal pensions, such as increasing the retirement age and capping annual pensions at $100,000. Do you agree?

"Yes, but don't stop there. We need to look at the four groups in the pension system and take out the discrepancies that allow some groups the option to retire earlier. A blue-ribbon study has been done and suggested many changes. To date, the changes have fallen on deaf ears."


Do you believe in keeping the requirement that a student must pass the MCAS or an MCAS-like test in order to graduate from high school?

"Yes, until we have another way of accountability for our educators. I am open for suggestions."

Public records

Should the state Legislature be exempt from the state's public records law?

"Absolutely not!!!"

Party leadership

Cite any votes (if an incumbent) or positions (if a challenger or newcomer) you have taken that disagree with the stance taken by your party's legislative leadership.

"I will be a voice of the people, not the special interest groups!"


Will you make public any questionnaires you fill out in pursuit of the endorsement of unions or other groups?

"I have no interest in getting endorsed by any special interest groups."

Legislative audit

Should the Legislature be subject to a full audit?


Formal sessions

Is the Legislature holding enough full formal sessions?

"No. If they were, we may be able to see light at the end of this economic downfall."

Term limits

Should there be term limits for the jobs of House Speaker and Senate President?

"Term limits for all elected positions!

Term limits are the tool we need to take complacency out of Beacon Hill."

Responses gathered through e.thePeople

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