Party: Republican

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: 9 Eubar Circle, Billerica, MA 01821
Phone: (978) 362-3290

Age: 28

Occupation: Software sales, selectman

Family: Wife Melissa (Gonsalves) Lombardo; son Guy, 2, and daughter Angelina Rose, 2 months.
Parents Barry Sr. and Jean Lombardo, brother Barry Lombardo Jr. and wife Courtney Lombardo, sister Jaclyn and husband Jim Bardsley.

Town: Billerica

Education: Billerica public schools.
Bachelor of science degree, Merrimack College.
Master of business administration candidate, University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Experience: Currently vice chairman of Billerica board of selectmen, 6th year as selectman.
7 years as town meeting representative.
Member, Billerica Council on Aging.
Member, Billerica Scholarship Foundation.
Member, Vietnam Veterans Park Committee.
Member, Billerica Community Alliance.
Member, Capital Planning Committee.
Past member, Housing Partnership Committee.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"I'm running for state representative because Beacon Hill is broken and I believe I can help bring Massachusetts in the right direction.

As a selectman in Billerica, I have had the honor of serving the residents and taxpayers.

I have had the pleasure of standing by neighborhoods to fight 40B projects and stopping a power plant from coming into Billerica.

I've stood by condo owners to help preserve town services that were threatened to be taken away.

I've stood by public safety officials to ensure they received funding for equipment to keep them safe.

I've consistently voted for lower taxes and lower fees and I will do the same on Beacon Hill as your state representative.

It's easy to say what you want to do as an elected official, but I am a proven leader for Billerica. My involvement in the community and my experiences as a selectman and town meeting member have prepared me to continue to be a strong voice for Billerica taxpayers."

— Submitted by the candidate


Health costs

The Mass. Taxpayers Foundation recently recommended that local officials be given the power to design their own health plans without having to negotiate with the unions, and that state retirees use Medicare for their primary health care coverage. Do you support these proposals?

"I support allowing cities and towns design their own health plans as well as joining the state GIC without union approval.

Health care costs are out of control for municipalities, and I've watched first-hand as a selectman how health care is a budget buster. We need town managers and leaders to be able to design plans that will be offered to employees. This is no different than the private sector and can save municipalities, taxpayers, and employees significant money."

State pensions

The foundation also proposed changes in state and municipal pensions, such as increasing the retirement age and capping annual pensions at $100,000. Do you agree?

"I absolutely agree. The pension system is Massachusetts is absolutely broken.

An additional change that needs to be made is the way pensions are calculated. Currently only the top 3 years of pay are used to calculate pensions and that needs to be expanded to consider a longer period of time.

Also, elected officials should not be eligible for pensions."


Do you believe in keeping the requirement that a student must pass the MCAS or an MCAS-like test in order to graduate from high school?

"I believe that the MCAS is an important tool in education that promotes accountability for students, teachers, and parents.

The governor's decision to abandon the MCAS for a less stringent federal standard is a huge mistake. Massachusetts should aim to lead the country in education standards, but the governor has now chosen to instead be held back with an inferior system."

Public records

Should the state Legislature be exempt from the state's public records law?

"No - government should be open to the people since government is here to serve the people. Failure to make government transparent and open is unacceptable."

Party leadership

Cite any votes (if an incumbent) or positions (if a challenger or newcomer) you have taken that disagree with the stance taken by your party's legislative leadership.

This candidate hasn't responded yet; please check back later.


Will you make public any questionnaires you fill out in pursuit of the endorsement of unions or other groups?


Legislative audit

Should the Legislature be subject to a full audit?


Formal sessions

Is the Legislature holding enough full formal sessions?

"No. The "full-time" Legislature met only approximately 40 times last year. This is not allowing for the people's work to be done in and open and honest fashion."

Term limits

Should there be term limits for the jobs of House Speaker and Senate President?

"Yes. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the bullying of legislators by Beacon Hill leadership has hurt the public interest.

Term limits on leadership position will allow legislators to be more open and honest with their votes without fear of long-term retaliation from leadership.

Leadership on Beacon Hill is taking Massachusetts in the wrong direction and major changes are needed."

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