Party: Unenrolled

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: P.O. Box 206, Natick, MA 01760
Phone: (508) 789-3222

Age: 48

Occupation: Computer engineer

Family: I have four children. They will all be teenagers as of Jan. 20.

Town: Natick and Sherborn

Education: Bachelor of arts degree in physics and a master of business administration degree, both from the University of Rhode Island.

Experience: I am not a politician.
As a small business owner, I founded and operated two computer training companies from 1988 to 2007. I currently work at EMC as a computer engineer.
I have lived in the Sherborn/Natick area since 1992 and have been very involved in the community, volunteering with the Cub Scouts and as an ice hockey, soccer, and softball coach. And I am proud to note that I am an Eagle Scout.
I am naturally a contrarian and my experiences have reinforced my ability to think outside the lines, to innovate, and to figure out how to succeed regardless of the obstacles against me. The worse the odds, the harder I work.
I have been an advocate for parental rights for the past year. I have been working with men and women to assist them in navigating and often just surviving the Massachusetts divorce system.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"I am running because the Massachusetts judicial system, especially family court, is completely dysfunctional.

Judges are the primary cause of this broken system. We appoint unqualified judges and then we do not remove them.

The Governor's Council is the only check that we have on gubernatorial appointments to the judiciary. The governor can appoint anyone he wants, and it is up to the Governor's Council to approve or reject each nominee.

For the past 20 years or more, the Governor's Council abdicated its responsibility. It has been a rubber stamp and has approved virtually every nominee that the Governor appoints.

The people of Massachusetts deserve good judges."

— Submitted by the candidate


Council's value

What is the value of the Governor's Council?

"The Governor's Council is the only mechanism for the people to check the power of the governor when appointing judges.

The governor can appoint anyone to the bench. It is the responsibility of the Governor's Council to ensure that judges are not biased, will adequately dispense justice, support due process, and protect constitutional rights."

New ideas

What new ideas or proposals will you bring to the council?

"With the large number of judges who are appointed each year, it is impossible to adequately investigate the background of each nominee, even if the Governor's Council was a full-time position.

Currently, little information is published about judicial nominees. I propose that more in-depth information about each nominee should be published, including data generated by the Judicial Nominating Commission. In this way, the public has the opportunity to respond and can provide testimony favorable or unfavorable to each nominee.

Each nominee has a career of about 30 years or so. Currently, we hear testimony, almost exclusively from other lawyers with whom the nominee has interacted. These lawyers are fundamentally biased, as in the future they will have to appear before the newly appointed judge.

Without information from the hundreds or thousands of people that the nominee has represented or interacted with, there is no way to discern whether this person is qualified or not for the bench."

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