Party: Independent

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: 180 Old Colony Ave., Suite 120, Quincy, MA 02170
Phone: (617) 479-0367

Age: 51

Occupation: Treasurer and receiver general of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Family: Wife Tina; children Makena, 26; Nicole, 23; Devin, 21, and Kendra, 18.

Town: Quincy

Education: Quincy High School, 1977.
Boston University, 1981.

Experience: Owner of Handshakes Cafe, 1982-1983.
Quincy city councilor, 1987-2003.
Norfolk County treasurer, 1996-2002.
Massachusetts state treasurer, 2002-present.

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"I left the Democratic Party last summer when the governor and Legislature raised the sales tax. I no longer believed that the party represented my core values of fiscal responsibility and support for the middle class.

I am running as an Independent because I'm fed up with the two-party system and tired of partisan bickering. The parties fight with each other for political gain, and nothing gets done -- the needs of the taxpayers are left behind.

I believe that leadership should always transcend party. The issues facing our Commonwealth do not discriminate on the basis of political party, and the solutions to building a more secure future will not be achieved without a bipartisan effort.

I am running for governor because the middle class is getting overlooked and there is no longer anyone representing our interests. Look at your choices this year: a Democrat who raised taxes and sent much of our state's decision-making power to Washington, and a Republican who saddled taxpayers with billions of dollars in debt by concocting the financing scheme for the Big Dig. We have to do better than that.

I understand the struggles of the middle class because I share those same struggles in my own life -- unlike the other two candidates in this race. As a former small-business owner, I am the only candidate who can truly appreciate the value of every dollar. I am the only candidate who has a proven record of responsibility and results in government, and I am the only candidate who will look out for the citizens whom special interests and party agendas have left behind.

It is time to stop worrying about moving Massachusetts to the left or to the right; it is time to move the Commonwealth forward."

— Submitted by the candidate



Cahill brushes off critics, odds

Independent gubernatorial candidate Timothy P. Cahill (Yoon S. Byun/ Globe Staff)
Despite poor poll numbers, independent gubernatorial candidate Timothy P. Cahill puts in 13-hour days and insists he is in it to win. Above, Cahill greeted Sara Cleveland and other customers at the Owl Diner as he campaigned in Lowell. (By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff)
Candidate profile

Cahill: A boy who wouldn’t back down

Cahill: A boy who wouldn’t back down
Persistence is what helped Timothy Cahill, a youth with few advantages, a young man who did not always succeed the first time, parlay what he had — the ability to focus, and to lead — into a career. (By David Filipov, 10/2/10)

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With a furious finish, candidates reach for every last vote

SWAMPSCOTT — The two front-runners in the race for governor, Democrat Deval Patrick and Republican Charles D. Baker, brought their fierce, months-long battle to a close last night, ending their campaigns in the warm embrace of their respective hometowns. (Globe Staff, 11/1/10)
The Governor’s race

Candidates try to scare up last few votes

Fred and Ben Simpson will not vote tomorrow, but when they showed up at Governor Deval Patrick’s house last night dressed as Harry Potter and a robot, they still got the full charm treatment: a handshake, a smile, and most importantly, a handful of Skittles, Snickers, and Twix. (Globe Staff, 10/31/10)
The Governor’s race

Candidates offer their top 5 for the first 365

Charles D. Baker Republican 1. File tax reform package that would return both the sales tax and income tax to 5 percent and repeal the alcohol tax. (Boston Globe, 10/31/10)

Gubernatorial candidates offer ideas for economy

In an election defined by a dour economy, Massachusetts voters face a stark choice in the race for governor, with the four candidates advocating widely divergent strategies for creating jobs, cutting runaway health care costs, and changing the way the state produces energy. (Globe Staff, 10/30/10)
Campaign 2010

In flip from ’06, parties spending more than candidates

Four years ago, the candidates for governor spent a ton of money while the political parties played supporting roles. In this year’s contest, it’s the opposite: Candidates are spending less, and the parties have stepped in to fund much of the campaign. (Globe Staff, 10/30/10)
Political Circuit

After bowing out of race, Loscocco holding on to money — just in case

More than a few people were cranky with Paul Loscocco when he left Timothy P. Cahill at the altar. The terms “turncoat’’ and “traitor’’ got bandied about with unusual frequency. (Globe Staff, 10/30/10)
Campaign 2010 | The race for governor

Confidence, anxiety mark final days in governor’s campaign

WORCESTER — Laura Lemay and Lucille Sidley are both unemployed. Both believe the winner of Tuesday’s election for governor must make jobs a top priority. But they split over who ought to get the chance. (Globe Staff, 10/30/10)

Amid give and take, no rekindling of 2006 spirit

Five days before voters head to the polls, Governor Deval Patrick made his way to the tiny hill town of Heath, a Western Massachusetts community with just 800 residents who rewarded him mightily for his campaign’s attention four years ago. So grateful were they after the virtual unknown showed up to campaign there that all but six voters supported him ... (Globe Staff, 10/28/10)

Patrick, Baker focus on vote-rich cities and towns

Between riveting battles over municipal health care and regulatory policy, the front-runners in the governor’s race had another score to settle recently: Does Charles D. Baker really have a campaign office at 555 South Canal St. in Holyoke? (Globe Staff, 10/28/10)

Business people giving millions in governor’s race

Governor Deval Patrick raised more than $26,000 from Liberty Mutual executives over the past year. In March, Liberty Mutual won $22.5 million in state tax credits for its new office tower in Boston. (Globe Staff, 10/27/10)
Campaign 2010 | THE GOVERNOR’S RACE

No debate on this: Candidate forums have been plentiful this year

Say what you want about the disappointments of this year’s governor’s race. But don’t complain that the candidates did not talk about the issues. (Globe Staff, 10/26/10)
Campaign 2010 | The governor’s race

In last debate of campaign, rivals sharpen messages

In the final televised debate of a long, heated campaign, the four candidates for governor sharpened their messages and political profiles last night, presenting voters clear choices on taxes, spending, immigration, and even lessons learned from the Big Dig. (Globe Staff, 10/26/10)

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