Party: Green-Rainbow

Incumbent: No

Headquarters: 12 Locust Ave., Lexington, MA 02421
Phone: (617) 506-8576

Age: 60

Occupation: Physician, environmental health advocate

Family: Husband Rick, sons Noah and Ben.

Town: Lexington

Education: Bachelor of arts degree, Harvard College, 1973.
Harvard Medical School, 1979.

Experience: 25 years as physician providing health care.
15 years working with nonprofit, community, and government-watchdog groups.
Co-founded the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, a nonprofit advancing the economic, environmental, and democratic foundations of healthy communities.
Served on both local and national boards of public interest organizations, including Physicians for Social Responsibility, Clean Water Action, Alternatives for Community and the Environment, and Citizens for Voter Choice.
Elected to Lexington town meeting 2003-2010.
Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor in 2002, state representative in 2004, secretary of state in 2006.
Co-authored two landmark reports identifying community drivers of chronic disease, and policies to promote health while creating jobs and protecting the environment (

— Submitted by the candidate

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Why are you running?

"As the only candidate who's not a Beacon Hill insider, I'm in the race to give people a choice for real change.

Business-as-usual has brought us to dire straits: 300,000 people out of work, crushing health care costs, struggling schools, an imperiled environment, and a state budget that can't be sustained.

The answers are not coming from the big political machines of Beacon Hill that created the mess in the first place. It's time for a candidate who isn't taking money from the usual suspects to open the doors on Beacon Hill and get government working for the people once again.

As the only candidate not funded by the usual lobbying forces, I have the freedom to advance real solutions to the critical problems facing everyday people.

We can bring down the cost of health care by cutting the wasteful health insurance bureaucracy - instead of cutting the care people need.

We can create a surge of good-wage green jobs in weatherization, local food, and active transportation - jobs that save us money by reducing the health costs eating up a staggering 50% of the state budget.

We can end the sweetheart deals and tax giveaways for insiders that are draining our budget.

I am going to give the people of Massachusetts the most open, honest, and solution-oriented government that they have ever seen. I'm going to get government back to working for people, not just for the insiders."

— Submitted by the candidate

Latest news

Jill Stein narrowly misses requirement for public funding

Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein has failed to qualify for up to $519,000 in public funding, a setback for her struggling candidacy but one that gives Governor Deval Patrick a boost. (Globe Staff, 9/29/10)

Green-Rainbow candidate views quest for office in global terms

Jill Stein worries. She frets about the food we eat, the quality of our air and water, melting polar ice packs, the increase in chronic diseases and the cost of treating them, the health and safety of children, the quality of their schools, a rise in learning disabilities in the young and dementia in the old, the effect of US ... (Globe Staff, 9/24/10)

Stein says she’s raised enough for state match

Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein said yesterday that she has raised enough money to be included in future debates and to receive matching funds from the state. (Globe Staff, 9/25/10)

Stein’s grass-roots campaign planted in Fields Corner

They wore green armbands, some with white polka dots, and ate cake with green frosting, intermittently chanting “Jill, Jill, Jill.’’ As they opened Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein’s campaign headquarters in Fields Corner yesterday, supporters were urged to look to an unlikely source of inspiration: Republican Scott Brown. (Globe Correspondent, 5/15/10)

Green party hopeful taps anger

Lexington doctor Jill Stein launched her second long-shot campaign for governor yesterday with a forceful attempt to tap the populist anger that propelled Republican Scott Brown into the US Senate last month. (Globe Staff, 2/9/10)

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