Public records

How can we improve the state's public records law?


The public records law needs to be updated to ensure that the tools we use to safeguard government transparency keep pace with advances in technology.

This includes setting guidelines for the retention of electronic records that will allow for documents to be kept electronically, but will also enable the law and retention requirements to adapt as technology evolves.

Cataloging records electronically will allow for easier searches, which in turn will cut down response time and reduce the costs associated with finding and producing the records.


Massachusetts has lagged behind on improving transparency in
government. Beacon Hill carries the burden to bring our public
records into the sunshine, and they can do so with some very simple

To begin, any electronic record should be available electronically. This saves paper, money, time, and headache.

Our Public Records law has been only cosmetically updated since 1973. Of
course, there are many public officials who are content to stay in the
darkness where their corruption remains undiscovered.

I will be a tough attorney general - the toughest ever on public corruption. By changing the culture on Beacon Hill to one of public service, we can hopefully see some progress with our public records law.

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Ballot questions

Should the threshold for getting a question on the ballot be increased, as some legislators have suggested?


No. Directly democratic decision-making is what Massachusetts should continue to practice.

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If elected, what are your priorities for the next term?


The most important job of the Attorney General is to keep people safe in Massachusetts.

I have an unmatched 25-year record of prosecuting criminals, supporting victims of crime, and working to protect the public. In another term, I will continue to explore how we keep our kids, our money, and our identities safe.

We have also stood up for Massachusetts families during this economic crisis, and in another term, we'll continue the important work of holding the line on utility and health care cost increases and fighting to protect Massachusetts consumers from unfair treatment by big companies.

Finally, it is incredibly important that the Attorney General's office root out fraud and abuse, and that the Attorney General protect your taxpayer dollars.

For every dollar in my office's budget, we recover $5 for taxpayers, and I will continue that record of returning money to taxpayers, and aggressively investigating and prosecuting fraud, corruption, and abuse in our government.


I will start by cracking down hard on public corruption and dismantling the Beacon Hill Boys and Girls Club.

I will tackle the problem of illegal immigration, ending sanctuary cities and opposing amnesty and taxpayer-funded benefits for illegals.

I will reject the exorbitant rates Martha Coakley approved on the Cape Wind deal.

I will make sure our health care system isn't hijacked by this legislative monstrosity some call 'Obamacare' that's going to impose a whole new set of taxes and regulations and actually change our coverage for the worse and increase costs.

Unlike Martha, I will do the entire job of the attorney general. I will defend our civil rights, protect consumers from fraud, punish environmental crime, and keep our children safe everywhere, including online.

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