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The State of Education
 Amherst Public Schools
Grades served K-6
Total enrollment (2004-5)
  Rank: 196 out of 328 districts
Racial makeup of student body (2004-5)  
  African-American 13.9%
  Asian 13.6%
  Hispanic 12.5%
Native American 0.6%
White 59.3%
Gender makeup of student body (2004-5)  
  Boys 50.2%
Girls 49.8%
Students whose first language is not English
  Rank: 30 out of 328 districts
Students with limited English proficiency
  Rank: 15 out of 328 districts
Students in special education
  Rank: 190 out of 328 districts
Students from low-income families
  Rank: 52 out of 328 districts
Dropouts per 100 students (2003)
  Rank: N.A. out of 256 districts
Average number of absences per student 9
Percent of days an average student attended school
  Rank: 174 out of 328 districts
Students who received one or more in-school suspensions 0%
Students who received one or more out-of-school suspensions 0%
Students who repeated a grade
  Rank: 197 out of 327 districts
Plans of high school graduates  
  4-yr private college N.A.%
  4-yr public college N.A.%
  2-yr private college N.A.%
  2-yr public college N.A.%
  Other education N.A.%
  Joined workforce N.A.%
  Military service N.A.%
  Other N.A.%
  Unknown N.A.%
Total number of teachers (2004-5) 142
Student/teacher ratio (2004-5)
  Rank: 43 out of 328 districts
10.5 to 1
Core academic teachers identified as "highly qualified" (2004-5)
  Rank: 82 out of 328 districts
Teachers licensed in their teaching assignment (2004-5) 89.4%
Average teacher salary (2002-3)
  Rank: 206 out of 328 districts
Total school spending (FY04) $17,154,472
Per-pupil spending overall (FY04)
  Rank: 49 out of 325 districts
Per-pupil spending on regular education (FY04)
  Rank: 36 out of 308 districts
Per-pupil spending on special education (FY04)
  Rank: 37 out of 325 districts
Number of students per computer
  Rank: 101 out of 327 districts
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A Note about the data
The information on this page was provided by the Massachusetts Department of Education, which gathers it from individual school districts. Unless otherwise noted it is for the 2003-2004 school year. "N.A." indicates the data is either not available or not applicable.