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To see more art by Filiz Soyak, visit her site at www.filizsoyak.com.
Read more about State Representative Stephen Canessa at www.repcanessa.com.
See what entertainer and drag performer Freddy Franklin has been up to recently at www.myspace.com/weluvfreddy.
Follow Matt Szymaszek's ongoing poker adventures at smaz.blogspot.com.
Information about student Ciera Burnett's fellowship is at www.woodrow.org/public-policy/undergraduate.php.
Bike messenger Peter Rubijono can frequently be found participating in www.harriscycleryracing.com.
Improv artist Erin McGhee is currently performing with Improv Boston: www.improvboston.com.
You can hear more of rapper Nathan Zand's music at www.kosherhiphop.com.
Find out more about volunteer Kita Payne's organization at www.friendsofthechildrenboston.org.
Learn more about entrepreneur Atif Khan's business ventures at www.brevisys.com/index.html, and read about the Ilkone cell phone at www.ilkonetel.com/ilkone.htm.

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