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It's snowing in my apartment: Boston's weirdest apartment quirks

Posted by Doug Saffir  February 6, 2014 02:14 PM

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There's no question that Boston is a major rental town. Despite rent prices on the rise and vacancy rates on the decline, nearly 40 percent of the city's households are renters.

But the availability and cost of apartments are not the only things that makes the number of renters surprising. Boston is also not particularly well known for its strength in the "up-to-code" category of evaluating apartments.

From Boston Magazine's piece on the worst landlord ever to a Boston apartment horror story that placed third in a national contest held by Curbed, Boston has a reputation for quirky and sometimes outright terrifying apartments.

That reputation birthed an entire blog dedicated to bizarre Craigslist ads for Boston apartments, where you'll find realtors shamelessly using absurd characters in their headlines to catch your eye and demonstrating extreme passion for the existence of sunlight. Who knew the sun was such a hot commodity? Get it? Hot? (I'm sorry...)

But the fun didn't end there for those looking to commiserate about strange living quarters in the Hub. Reddit's /r/boston recently featured a post from user actuallyamonster that called for people to submit their own apartment quirks.

Actuallyamonster got things started off right with the view from his toilet, which sits royally atop a very long stair case. If you're feeling lazy, you just hold it!

Before long, plenty of others got in on the fun. There was Mitch_From_Boston, whose friend had a fireman's pole from the kitchen to the living room. Rosythewench chimed in with her apartment's overly powerful bidet. And an6girl didn't have a sink in her bathroom and used her oven to heat the whole apartment!

Oh, and let's not forget BedtimeForBonzos and their toilet at the top of the stairs from the kitchen to the basement. Why put a toilet there? Well, let's just let BedtimeForBonzos explain: "back when the place was a single family Grandpa couldn't make it upstairs to the only bathroom so this was the solution. Brilliant really."

That might sound oddly convenient, but let's not forget that this was next to the kitchen. Convenient or not, cooking food near a toilet is never a good thing.

As impressive (or gross) as all that sounds, the winner might have to be djangobliss, who took video of it literally snowing inside his apartment (watch the video at the top). That might seem disruptive, but he said it was worth it for the apartment's great view.

Think you've got a better crazy Boston apartment quirk? Share your weirdest ones here and feel free to head over to the Reddit thread to read the other submissions!

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