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United States v. James J. Bulger

Posted by Dana Hatic  August 6, 2013 11:59 AM

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James "Whitey" Bulger was found guilty on 31 of the 32 counts and 11 of 19 racketeering acts related to murder were proved.

Jurors deliberated for 32 1/2 hours over 5 days on the charges against the 83-year-old crime boss. The eight men and four women had heard 35 days of testimony and evidence and received instructions from US District Court Judge Denise J. Casper to weigh evidence in the case on the 32 counts including racketeering, murder, stockpiling weapons, and money laundering.

Here are the full findings:

Count one, racketeering conspiracy— Guilty
Count two, racketeering substantive offense—Guilty

Jurors who found Bulger guilty on count two indicated whether the government had, beyond reasonable doubt, proven the following racketeering acts:

Conspiracy to murder members of the Notorangeli Group—Not proved
Murder of Michael Milano—Not proved
Murder of Al Plummer—Not proved
Murder of William O'Brien—Not proved
Murder of James O'Toole—Not proved
Murder of Al Notorangeli—Not proved
Conspiracy to murder James Sousa—Not proved
Murder of James Sousa—Not proved
Murder of Paul McGonagle—Proved
Murder of Edward Connors—Proved
Conspiracy to murder Thomas King—Proved
Murder of Thomas King—Proved
Murder of Francis "Buddy" Leonard—Not proved
Murder of Richard Castucci—Proved
Conspiracy to murder Roger Wheeler—Proved
Murder of Roger Wheeler—Proved
Murder of Debra Davis—NO FINDING
Murder of Brian Halloran—Proved
Murder of Michael Donahue—Proved
Conspiracy to murder John Callahan—Proved
Murder of John Callahan—Proved
Murder of Arthur "Bucky" Barrett—Proved
Murder of John McIntyre—Proved
Murder of Deborah Hussey—Proved
Extortion conspiracy: "rent"—Proved
Extortion of Richard O'Brien—Proved
Extortion of Kevin Hayes—Not proved
Extortion conspiracy: "fines"—Proved
Extortion of Michael Solimando—Proved
Extortion of Stephen Rakes and Julie Rakes—Proved
Extortion of Richard Bucheri—Proved
Extortion of Raymond Slinger—Not proved
Narcotics distribution conspiracy—Proved
(Concealment) Money laundering conspiracy—Proved
(Concealment) Money laundering—Sale of 295 Old Colony Ave., South Boston—Proved
(Concealment) Money laundering—Sale of 295 Old Colony Ave., South Boston—Proved
(Concealment) Money laundering (mortgage payments)— Proved
(Concealment or promotion) Money laundering—Transfer of $10,000 to John Martorano—Proved

The jury decided on the remaining counts:

Count three, extortion conspiracy: rent—Guilty
Count four, extortion of Kevin Hayes—Not Guilty
Count five, concealment money laundering conspiracy— Guilty

The following counts are for concealment money laundering (mortgage payments):
Count six—Guilty
Count seven—Guilty
Count eight— Guilty
Count nine— Guilty
Count 10— Guilty
Count 11— Guilty
Count 12— Guilty
Count 13— Guilty
Count 14— Guilty
Count 15— Guilty
Count 16— Guilty
Count 17— Guilty
Count 18— Guilty
Count 19— Guilty
Count 20— Guilty
Count 21— Guilty
Count 22— Guilty
Count 23— Guilty
Count 24— Guilty
Count 25— Guilty
Count 26— Guilty

Count 27, concealment or promotion money laundering (transfer of $10,000 to John Martorano)—Guilty
Count 39, possession of firearms in furtherance of violent crime—Guilty
Count 40, possession of machine guns in furtherance of violent crime— Guilty
Count 42, possession of unregistered machine guns— Guilty
Count 45, transfer of possession of machine guns— Guilty
Count 48, possession of firearms with obliterated serial numbers—Guilty

Sentencing is set for Nov. 13.

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