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Despite his showing, Kucinich vows to press ahead

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich said yesterday his campaign has the money to carry beyond New Hampshire, and he will not drop out of the race, no matter where he placed in the primary.

He said he has no intention of mimicking Representative Richard A. Gephardt, who quit the race the night he came in fourth in the Iowa caucus.

"Dick Gephardt put all his eggs in a basket called Iowa," Kucinich said. "I have a lot of little eggs in little baskets all over."

Supporters are donating $20,000 to $30,000 every day through the Internet, according to Kucinich.

His campaign has raised about $5 million in the past 10 months, which the federal government will match with an additional $4 million.

"By the beginning of February, we'll raise another million," he said.

Although he has fluctuated between 0 percent and 1 percent in New Hampshire polls for the last several months, Kucinich said he is undeterred.

"It doesn't matter. We're going to do our best here and go on to the next state and the next state," said Kucinich, who campaigned yesterday morning in Maine. "I haven't discounted the possibility of a surge in some of these other states."

Kucinich said his campaign is "building momentum very slowly," but he was encouraged by some of the high-profile support he has received.

He also dismissed notions that he would join a third party if he fails to win the Democratic nomination.

Guitarist Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band campaigned with Kucinich and was to perform at a rally for him yesterday. Kucinich also is backed by singer-songwriters Ani DiFranco and Willie Nelson.

Other Kucinich-backers include actors Ed Begley Jr., Linda Blair, and Danny Glover.

Reynolds, who said he is a Democrat as long as Kucinich is running in that party, said Kucinich reflects a "complete paradigm shift to nonviolence as an operating principle."

Kucinich now heads South, where he plans to attend a debate in South Carolina.

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