Ross launches 25-hour sprint to campaign finish

Michael Ross is wrapping up his bid for mayor the same way he started, with a sleep-depriving, all-out, 25-hour campaign push.

The approach seems to fit his campaign’s goal of portraying Ross, a city councilor, as an active and energetic candidate who, if elected, would bring that same sense of energy and urgency to City Hall.

In one of the most memorable television spots of the campaign, Ross is shown running through various neighborhoods, handing out his campaign blueprint to residents. He doesn’t appear to break a sweat.

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“I wanted to demonstrate how much energy I have for this job,” Ross said this afternoon. “We are making every last push to win this. I am convinced that there will be a broader turnout than many people expect.”

Ross kicked off his marathon today at 8:30 a.m., canvassing at the Forest Hills T stop. Eighteen events later, after hitting numerous donut shops and diners, he plans to greet voters at the Cathedral High School in the South End.

How will he summon the stamina for this mind-numbing push? Coffee might help.

“I usually drink it once a day. I think this time I’m going to break that rule,” Ross said.