Globe endorses Barros, Connolly in Tuesday preliminary vote

The Boston Globe has endorsed John Barros and John Connolly in Tuesday’s preliminary vote for mayor.

In an editorial in Tuesday, the newspaper said that among the 12 candidates, Barros, a former School Committe member, and Connolly, a city councilor, are best positioned to move the city forward as Thomas M. Menino’s tenure ends.

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Here is an excerpt on Barros:

“He speaks eloquently of the needs of the poorest residents of Boston, but also of how to promote the city globally, thereby generating the resources to elevate all Bostonians. He has stood on the front lines of battles over crime and other neighborhood tensions, including those between native-born Bostonians and non-English-speaking immigrants. He has striven to heal those wounds with a message that stresses the importance of hard work, education, and entrepreneurship. But he knows the city can do more to spread economic development, including the opening of long-clogged transportation corridors and the creation of more neighborhood business districts.”

Here is an excerpt on Connolly:

“As head of the council’s education committee, he understands the centrality of the Boston Public Schools to the city’s challenges better than any other candidate. While many of his rivals sing a similar tune on school reform, only Connolly has put it front and center in his campaign.

Connolly also appreciates the importance of creating more transit-oriented development to strengthen the neighborhoods, and of greater City Hall involvement in the arts to cultivate more vibrant entertainment districts downtown and throughout the city.

“His deep roots in Boston politics — his father was the longtime Massachusetts Secretary of State, and his mother is a recently retired judge — can be both a blessing and a curse. While other candidates rose up through the grass roots, Connolly’s path to leadership was easier; his election as mayor would mark a generational shift in City Hall, but he wouldn’t be an entirely new face for the city. Nonetheless, his depth and breadth of knowledge are truly impressive. He’s fully prepared to govern as a dynamic mayor on day one.”


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