Black clergy endorse Charlotte Golar Richie

Nine prominent black ministers endorsed Charlotte Golar Richie on Monday in her bid for mayor, saying she has the experience and temperament to lead Boston.

The ministers gathered with Golar Richie on the steps of Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church. They ducked in the doorway to seek shelter from rain.

“We’re here because this is an idea whose time had come,” said Rev. Jeffrey Brown of Twelfth Baptist Church. “We’re gathered together because we see the future of our city and we see it brightly.”

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The lone woman among the clergy, the Rev. Liz Walker of Roxbury Presbyterian Church, highlighted a distinction that Golar Richie can claim as the only woman on the ballot with 11 men.

“It’s time to let a woman sit at the head of the table,” Walker said. “We’ve been serving the table for too long.”

Golar Richie basked in the compliments of the ministers, who included the Rev. Willie Bodrick II of Twelfth Baptist Church, the Rev. Ellis Washington of Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church, and Rev. Eugene Rivers of Azusa Christian Community.

“What do you say after that?” Golar Richie asked after the glowing introduction. “Maybe just one word: Amen.”

The ministers placed their hands on her shoulders and asked God to propel her forward and give her strength. Then one member of the clergy, Rev. Miniard Culpepper, stepped forward to speak. Culpepper had flirted briefly with his own run for mayor but withdrew.

“I knew Charlotte would be the best candidate to win this election,” Culpepper said. “So I, today, 100 percent, wholeheartedly endorse Charlotte Richie as the next mayor, as the candidate who can take it all the way.”

Later, the Golar Richie campaign released a statement listing more than 20 clergy members supporting her candidacy.