Walsh’s first ad -- “Fair Shot” -- highlights biography and will air during tonight’s Sox game

State Representative Marty Walsh unveiled his first television adverstisement today, a 30-second spot titled “Fair Shot” that will debut during the broadcast of tonight’s Red Sox v. Yankees game.

The ad focuses on Walsh’s biography—his parent’s immigration from Ireland as well as his childhood cancer and struggles in early adulthood with alcohol abuse.

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The advertisement is the first television spot formally released by the campaign, however two other TV ads were released on his behalf by a political action committee called American Working Families, which spent $175,200 on the ads.

After outlining Walsh’s upbringing and childhood sickness, the new advertisement highlights his work as a state repesentative and as head of the Building Trades’ union.

“All of his life, he’s fought to give working people a fair shot,” the voice over in the ad declares. “And that’s what he’ll do as mayor.”