Walczak’s new TV ad highlights his anti-casino stance

Do you want a casino, along with the problems they create?

That question is posed at the start of a new televised ad by mayoral candidate Bill Walczak, who is hoping to draw a sharp distinction between himself and the other candidates over a proposed Boston casino.

The ad—Walczak’s third of the campaign—will begin airing at 6 p.m. today on cable and local stations in Greater Boston, including on NECN during the first and only televised mayoral debate. The event is sponsored by the Boston Herald, Suffolk University, and NECN. All 12 candidates are expected to attend.

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The ad opens with showing an animation of a spinning slot machine. After the narrator poses the question, the slot machine stops showing images of six candidates who support a Boston casino—John Barros, former executive director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative; former state representative Charlotte Golar Richie; state Representative Martin J. Walsh; and city councilors Felix Arroyo, Mike Ross and Rob Consalvo.

The machine rolls again showing a question mark and images of Daniel Conley, the Suffolk district attorney, and John Connolly, another councilor.

“These two candidates can’t make up their minds,’’ the announcer says.

The next image shown is of Walczak, who the announcer says is the only mayoral contender who has said he will stop the casinos.

“This ad is simple and draws a sharp contrast between candidates in this race,” Darek Barcikowski, Walczak’s campaign manager, said in a statement. “There is no other issue in this race that is as divisive as the casino issue – and we want to make it clear Bill is the only candidate opposed to a casino in Boston.”