Michael Ross, in Web video, recalls lessons learned from his parents

Mayoral candidate and City Councilor Michael Ross tells voters about his family’s history over a somber-sounding piano track in the first of what his campaign promises will be a series of Web videos.

The three-minute video starts with Ross talking about his father, a Holocaust survivor whom he calls “by far the proudest America I’ve ever met.”

Ross’s father came to country as an orphan. For 40 years, he worked as Boston street worker, “pouring his broken life into the lives of other broken people,” Ross says in the video.

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During the video, Ross sits in a chair, the camera angle switching between a wide shot and close-ups. A photo of Ross with his father is shown as he talks about the work his father did, and as he begins speaking about his mother a photo of the two of them is revealed.

“My mother has taught me so much also,” Ross said. “My mother is a 71-year-old openly gay woman. When you’re growing up, you don’t want to stand out. You don’t want to be different. It was bad enough that my parents were divorced, but when I figured out that my mother ways gay, I mean that was tough.”

Cruel schoolyard taunts about his mother’s sexuality are one reason Ross cites for his belief in anti-bullying programs.