Golar Richie, in TV appearance, touches on race issue

Charlotte Golar Richie, one of 12 people vying to be Boston’s next mayor, appeared on MSNBC Sunday, discussing issues of race in the campaign and pitching herself as “uniquely qualified for this position.”

Golar Richie, a former state representative and former aide to Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston, is one of six candidates of color and the only woman in the mayoral contest.

Asked by host Melissa Harris-Perry how people are navigating the question of race, Golar Richie replied by praising the city for its openess and accessibility.

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She added that “race is still an issue that rears its — I don’t want to say ‘ugly head’ — but it rears its head every so often and we saw that last week.”

A Golar Richie spokeswoman said the candidate was referring to an upcoming forum to which only candidates of color had been invited.

On MSNBC, Golar Richie said, “I think the organizers have decided to expand the invitation list and allow for all of the candidates to attend the forum.”

Later in the six-minute segment, Golar Richie spoke about her candidacy in broader terms.

“I understand the historical significance of electing a woman and a woman of color,” Golar Richie said. “That will be big in the City of Boston.”