Ross touts cooperation with Cambridge to woo businesses

Mayoral  candidate Mike Ross
Wendy Maeda/Globe staff

He is running for mayor of Boston, but City Councilor Mike Ross has spent a good chunk of time on the trail talking about Cambridge.

Ross, one of 12 candidates seeking to replace Thomas M. Menino, has often called for more regional cooperation and calls competing with Cambridge a “race to the bottom.” And, on Tuesday, held a joint meeting with Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung and leaders from the technology community where he vowed to hold monthly meetings with leaders from Cambridge, Somerville, and other surrounding communities

“Since Cambridge lured MIT across the Charles River in 1916, we’ve each been guilty of stealing businesses from each other, promising ever increasing tax breaks in a race to the bottom., Ross said. “It’s got to stop, and when I’m mayor it will stop.”

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The event, held at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Square, focused on the need for the region’s cities to work together to draw talented entrepreneurs and technology businesses back to Eastern Massachusetts from Silicon Valley.

“Boston needs a mayor who will work with its neighbors to solve shared challenges around transportation, housing, and the environment.” Cheung said. “Mike and I have been working to promote regional collaboration ever since we co-hosted the first-ever joint hearing of the Cambridge and Boston City Councils, so I know he has the vision to do that.”