Ross launches video question-and-answer feature

Are you planning on deciding for whom to cast your Boston mayoral ballot based on the candidates’ preference of hip-hop tracks?

If so, City Councilor Mike Ross just made a play for your vote.

Ross, who is one of the dozen candidates vying to replace outgoing Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, rolled out today a series of short videos in which he responds to voter questions submitted through his website and social media pages.

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The first installment of “Ask Mike” videos include his responses to questions about housing costs, technology use in City Hall, and his favorite college courses.

“I love getting a chance to interact with people in a more authentic way,” Ross said in a statement. “Even if only 20 people care about a specific question, they probably really care. That’s worth responding to.”

The Ross campaign, which released 11 videos today, said it has received about 60 questions since announcing the question-and-answer feature about three weeks ago.

And, in case you were wondering, Ross said his favorite hip hop album is Public Enemy’s iconic “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.”