Conley calls for repeal of technology tax, vows to support repeal if elected mayor

Suffolk County District Attorney and Boston mayoral candidate Dan Conley called on the state legislature to repeal the “technology tax” and pledged to support a ballot initiative for its appeal if elected.

The 6.25% tax on computer and software technology services was passed by the legislature in July, but has drawn fire from members of the business community.

“Supporting the technology sector is a cornerstone of my Innovation Agenda for Boston’s economic success,” Conley said in a statement Tuesday. “But at a time when we should be giving

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businesses more confidence and more certainty, Beacon Hill imposed a tax that is so poorly

conceived and so broadly written that we risk doing lasting harm to one of the pillars of

our economy.”

The tax was passed as part of the Legislature’s plan to boost financing for the state’s aging transportation infrastructure, which also included increased taxes on tobacco products and gasoline.

New revenue from the tax is set to help pay for the MBTA and other transportation projects and personnel. Conley, who said the tax is neither smart nor fair to businesses, did not say how he would make up for the lost transportation revenue if the tax is repealed.