How do Boston mayoral candidates compare? Check out Globe’s interactive graphic

With a crowded field of mayoral candidates, it can be difficult for voters to differentiate among the 12 hopefuls. A new Globe interactive graphic can help.

For the graphic, reporters asked candidates a series of questions on key issues that facing the next mayor. They weigh in on how they would improve schools, make the city more affordable, and propose one big idea to transform Boston.

The campaign package also includes candidates’ answers to a series of yes-and-no questions and includes a tab for voters to compare hopefuls side by side.

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Reporter James O’Sullivan breaks down the candidates’ positions in a front-page story on Wednesday.

In case you missed it, Andrew Ryan also reported that former health care executive Bill Walczak has became the first candidate to aggressively oppose a casino at Suffolk Downs, raising moral and economic objections to relying on gambling as an engine for growth.