Boston mayoral candidate John Barros embarks on phase two of his “Stand Up Now” campaign

It’s now time for phase two of Boston mayoral candidate John Barros’s “Stand Up Now” grass-roots campaign for better schools, safer communities, and a cleaner environment.

What was phase one, you ask?

Well, it was all about crowd-funding, which is a techterm for raising money online. A small group of people persuades a larger number of people to contribute financially to a start-up business, political campaign, or movie. (Think: the yet-to-be released movie spinoff of the teen television drama “Veronica Mars” or both of President Obama’s election campaigns.)

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Barros hoped to raise $10,000 in 10 days. He exceeded that by $1,601.

“In just 10 days, over 150 Boston residents got off the sidelines and took a stand,” a campaign e-mail said Wednesday. His most recent bank filing said he has raised $103,698.35, but it doesn’t appear to include this chunk of money, dated July 15.

Now, Barros is moving into the second part of his crusade for mayor, the part where he starts “to engage residents to join Team Barros.”

The meet-and-greet campaign starts Monday in Dorchester—Barros’s home base— but should soon branch out to neighborhoods like Southie, Jamaica Plain, and Roxbury.

“We are going to go where Boston residents are,” he said in a statement. “We will be at train stations, barber shops, churches, and on street corners. If we want residents to contribute to the community, we must get them engaged in elections.”

To be fair, it’s not like he has been holed-up somewhere avoiding the public. There have been “Women for Barros” events and backyard barbecues.

But those were solely about voting him into office. While this is about that too, it’s also about registering folks to vote.