Rob Consalvo would harness technology to bolster public safety

Mayoral candidate City Councilor Rob Consalvo announced his vision for increasing public safety in the city over the weekend, a plan that relies largely on improving technology within the police department.

Consalvo said that if he were elected mayor, he would expand ShotSpotter, an acoustic system that alerts police to a specific location where a gun was fired, to every neighborhood in the city.

He said he would also set up a registry of private and public surveillance cameras that would ask owners of homes and businesses with surveillance cameras to participate. The program would be voluntary and would allow police to check the database so they could quickly figure out the location of a camera that might have filmed a specific crime.

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Consalvo proposed placing sensors on traffic lights so they would turn green when an emergency vehicle was trying to get through an intersection, mounting cameras on the dashboard of police cruisers and providing officers mobile fingerprint scanners so they could book suspects on the street or identify bodies in homicides more quickly.

He said he would also set up a mobile technology unit that would deploy temporary cameras to areas that suddenly have a rash of crimes. He pointed out recent assaults in Beacon Hill, where police are investigating whether one man has been groping women on the street since May.

“Brazen shootings in our neighborhoods and the recent assaults on women on Beacon Hill and in the North End have no place in our city,” Consalvo said. “I want to make sure we bring the latest technology to bear to help prevent crime and assist law enforcement with catching perpetrators who break the law.”