Walsh reappoints 2 dozen Menino Cabinet chiefs, department heads

Mayor Martin J. Walsh has reappointed more than two dozen of his predecessor’s cabinet chiefs and department heads, according to paperwork filed with the city clerk.

Shortly after taking the oath of office Monday, Walsh signed 31 letters appointing top city officials, including several cabinet chiefs from former mayor Thomas M. Menino’s administration. Walsh made 10 interim appointments lasting 60 days, and 21 permanent appointments.

The list of permanent appointments includes the city’s chief financial officer, Meredith Weenick; public property chief Michael Galvin; and chief of environment and energy, Brian Swett. All appointees serve at the pleasure of the mayor, and Walsh could install his own people at any time.

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One new appointment in the paperwork was former city councilor Felix G. Arroyo, whom the administration announced earlier this week would be the new chief of health and human services.

Permanent reappointments from the Menino administration included Paul Curran, chief of labor relations; Shari Davis, executive director of the Youth Fund; Karen Connor, budget chief; Christopher Cook, director of the Office of Arts, Tourism & Special Events; Election Commissioner Geraldine Cuddyer; Sheila Dillon, chief of housing and neighborhood development; Nancy Girard, environment commissioner; Bryan Glascock, commissioner of inspectional services; City Auditor Sally Glora; Dion Irish, director of the Office of Civil Rights; Vivian Leonard, director of human resources; Patricia Malone, director of consumer affairs and licensing; Kristen McCosh, director of the Commission for Persons with Disabilities; City Registrar Patricia McMahon; City Assessor Ronald Rakow; Emily Shea, commissioner of elderly affairs; and Francisco Urena, commissioner of veterans services.

The interim appointments included James Sullivan, a cabinet chief and director of intergovernmental relations; Christopher Byner, executive director of the Boston Centers for Youth and Families; and Barry Fadden, purchasing agent.

Two Menino department heads were also made interim appointments: Parks Commissioner Antonia Pollak and Corporation Counsel William F. Sinnott. Both plan to leave city government shortly. On Feb. 1, Sinnott will be replaced by state Representative Eugene L. O’Flaherty, a Walsh confidant. Pollak is expected to leave at the end of February.