The Governor’s race

Top 5 for the first 365

Q. If elected governor, what are your top five priorities for 2011?

November 1, 2010

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Charles D. Baker


1. File tax reform package that would return both the sales tax and income tax to 5 percent and repeal the alcohol tax.

2. File pension reform legislation that would cap state employee pensions at $90,000, raise the retirement age from 55 to 60, calculate retirement based on the average of an employee’s career salary rather than top three years, and prevent spikes in pensions by changing an employee’s status only after 10 years in a given group.

3. Reform immigration with an executive order allowing benefits to go only to legal Massachusetts citizens, reinstate the agreement with the federal government to allow State Police to detain and arrest illegal immigrants, and sign the Secure Communities agreement with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement allowing police to deport illegal immigrants arrested for serious crimes.

4. Place an immediate moratorium on new regulations in order to provide businesses with a predictable and stable business environment.

5. File executive orders for a hiring and pay freeze and ban project labor agreements.

Deval Patrick

Democrat, incumbent

1. Continue to grow jobs by supporting small businesses’ need for access to capital, and by emphasizing innovation industries (like biotech and clean energy) and related manufacturing.

2. Push for payment reform and other measures to reduce health insurance costs, so that health care is as affordable as it is accessible.

3. Implement education reforms to raise standards and protect education funding so that every child gets a great school and we keep our kids number one in the nation.

4. Work with local communities on a comprehensive response to youth violence.

5. Continue to govern at the grass roots.

Timothy P. Cahill


1. Sign the casino bill to create 15,000 jobs and return much-needed revenue to cities and towns.

2. Lower taxes across the board: sales, income, corporate, capital gains, and unemployment insurance to alleviate the burden on the middle class and small businesses.

3. Provide tax relief for entrepreneurs to encourage small, innovative start-ups.

4. Propose meaningful tort reform to help bring down the costs of health care.

5. Reduce government waste by offering a balanced state budget that reviews every line item and ensures that Massachusetts is living within its means.

Jill Stein

Green-Rainbow Party

1. Move immediately to create 50,000 green jobs in renewable energy, weatherization, recycling, healthy local food, and active transportation. These jobs can lead us out of this recession while reducing energy costs and improving nutrition, exercise opportunities, and air quality.

2. Ensure affordable health care for every resident through a proven solution — Medicare for all — that will use our health dollars more efficiently and stop the overcharging for pharmaceuticals.

3. Launch a broad initiative in community-based disease prevention to transform our costly, inefficient disease care system into an effective health care system.

4. Stop cuts to education, libraries, and health care, and focus instead on eliminating the sweetheart deals and giveaways that have wasted billions on politically motivated programs that don’t deliver.

5. Apply the Open Meeting Law to the Legislature as part of an effort to combat the secrecy and insider-dealing on Beacon Hill. We must restore accountability and civic engagement so we can have a government that listens to us, works for us, and answers to us.