Jon Stewart Tests Hillary Clinton with a Presidential Aptitude Test

Hillary Clinton took to “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart on Tuesday night, and Stewart was able to get an almost-but-not-quite declaration of her intent to run for president. That’s all thanks to his rigorous, extensive career aptitude test.

Clinton was there to promote her new book “Hard Choices,” an account of her last four years as Secretary of State. Stewart quickly ribbed Clinton about why she was really there. “This is an incredibly complex, and well-reasoned, and eyewitness view to the history of those four years,” he said. “And I think I speak for everybody when I say: No one cares, they just want to know if you’re running for president.”

So he brought out his trusted test, and three of Clinton’s answers suggested her future plans.

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Question 1) “Do you like commuting to work or do you like a home office?”

Clinton: “I’ve spent so many years commuting, I’d kind of prefer a home office.”

Question 2) “Do you have a favorite shape for that home office? Would you like to have corners or would you like it not to have corners?” he asked, a reference to the White House’s Oval Office.

Clinton: “I think that the world is so complicated, the fewer corners that you can have the better.”

Question 3) “Do you enjoy constant, non-stop criticism?”

Clinton: “It just sort of comes with the territory.”

Stewart finally ended with the results of his test. “It sounds to me, if I may, that you’ve declared for president.” To that, Clinton just laughed. You can watch the whole video here.