Statement from the Cahill campaign

Independent gubernatorial candidate Timothy Cahill released this statement after his campaign was accused of coordinating with an adviser to Governor Patrick on negative ad strategy against Republican candidate Charles Baker.

Less than an hour after Charlie Baker said he would have nothing more to do with the topic of underhanded, back-room politics, his campaign released yet another hit piece from disgraced and discredited associates.

"It seems Paul Losocco is still a tool of Charlie Baker's sleazy hit team. Loscocco released a statement today that an internal email reveals was written yesterday by John Yob and sent to Adam Meldrum who have both been ordered by a judge to not engage in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race. While Baker's team is obviously not bound by honor or decency, they seemingly don't find themselves bound by the law either. So today we called on Charlie Baker to fire everyone on his staff involved in this sleazy affair. Not only has Baker not addressed that challenge, but his team continues listening to consultants who are under court order to cease and desist from deceptive practices. This is the same Loscocco who former John McCain consultant John Weaver said was made an offer as far back as September 18th to leave the ticket.

Sept 18, 2010 1:42pm from Weaver to Yob and Meldrum: "Paul will be given/offered a substantive lifeline. Up to him to take it or not." In a surreal 24 hours one of the most disturbing lies has been aimed at Neil Morrison by Loscocco. Neil is an honorable man regardless of the discredited claims of Baker's team and the Republican Governor's Association. There is no back-room deal on our end and we have never coordinated with Deval Patrick or the DGA.

Again we challenge Charlie Baker to set an example and fire the people on his staff who have been behind these back-room deals. We're better than that in Massachusetts, as Baker will learn three weeks from Tuesday," said Campaign Manager Scott Campbell. Attached are emails - first dated October 6th - from John Yob, Adam Meldrum and Jason Zanetti who were coordinating a draft release that Loscocco signed his name to and released this afternoon.