Statement from Doug Rubin

Doug Rubin, an adviser to Governor Deval Patrick, issued this statement after being accused of coordinating with independent candidate Timothy Cahill's campaign on negative ad strategies targeting Republican candidate Charles Baker.

"When Paul Loscocco stood by Charles Baker last week, he once again proved that his word cannot be trusted. His most recent explanation of his actions is a desperate attempt to divert attention from his latest backroom deal, and is in fact directly contradicted by numerous emails made public recently.

It is readily apparent to anyone watching TV that the political ads produced by the Cahill campaign attack both Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick equally. In our TV ads, we compare Deval Patrick's position with both Charlie Baker and Tim Cahill. It is clear that there is no coordination. In addition, it is widely known that my decision to work for Governor Patrick back in 2005 caused a split in my relationship with Tim Cahill that exists to this day.

The ridiculous accusations from Paul Loscocco are not true, and I ask anyone who reads them to consider the credibility of the source, and his past actions, when reviewing this issue."