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The Making of Mitt Romney

Ambitious goals;
shifting stances

The universal healthcare campaign became the signature accomplishment of Mitt Romney's four years in office, showcasing the governor in all his complexity. It exhibited his strengths - a willingness to challenge convention by attacking an intractable problem in a creative way; but it also, critics say, revealed his shortcomings - taking too much credit for achievements. (By Brian C. Mooney, Stephanie Ebbert, and Scott Helman, Globe Staff)
The landmark universal health care bill that Mitt Romney signed into law in April 2006 showcased him in all his complexity: It illustrated his willingness to attack an intractable problem in a creative way, but also exposed him to criticism that he was more concerned about his political career than making sure the delicate compromise held.
The State House Years
photo gallery
Photo Gallery The State House Years
Romney's four-year term was marked by his shifts to the right on social issues, including embryonic stem-cell research.
Hitting the Trail
photo gallery
Photo Gallery Hitting the Trail
Romney announced his run for president of the United States in February 2007 at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
Evolution of a Candidate
photo gallery
Photo Gallery Evolution of a Candidate
Take a look back at Mitt Romney's gubernatorial campaign and his path to becoming governor of Massachusetts.