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The Making of Mitt Romney

Taking office,
remaining an outsider

In 2002, Mitt Romney leveraged his post-Olympics popularity to get elected governor of Massachusetts. As the state's first self-styled CEO governor, he helped steer the state through a fiscal crisis. But critics say he overstates the feat and understates the side effects, including big fee hikes.
On Nov. 5, the Mitt Romney - Kerry Healey ticket romped, defeating Shannon O'Brien and her running mate, Christopher Gabrieli, by 106,000 votes. Forty years after George Romney won his first election, his son captured his first political office. Both were 55 when elected governor.
The Evolution of a Candidate
photo gallery
Photo Gallery The Evolution of a Candidate
Take a look back at Mitt Romney's gubernatorial campaign and his path to becoming governor of Massachusetts.
A Politician Matures
Video A Politician Matures
What lessons did Mitt Romney learn from his father, George, who ran for president a generation before Mitt?
All in the Family
photo gallery
Photo Gallery All in the Family
Meet the Romney family and see their family photos. Above, Mitt Romney and his sons Josh (center) and Craig in 2003.

New Globe book

'The Real Romney'

'The Real Romney'

This book is the first complete, independent biography of Mitt Romney, a man whose journey to national political fame is at once remarkable and thoroughly unsurprising.