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The Making of Mitt Romney

In Games, a showcase
for future races

As chief executive of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Salt Lake Games, Mitt Romney forged his reputation as a "turnaround artist. " But Romney's other agenda -- buffing up his own image for a political career -- was never far from the surface, according to scores of former associates.  (By Bob Hohler, Globe Staff)

Romney's Olympic ties helped him reap campaign funds

When Mitt Romney took over the scandal-tainted Salt Lake City Olympics in 1999, he pledged not to exploit the role for political gain and announced that he would not accept any severance pay when he finished the job. Public records indicate he did otherwise.   (By Bob Hohler, Globe Staff)
The Olympics was Romney's first intensely public leadership role, and by his own account, it showcased the skills he believes made him an effective governor and will make him an effective president.
The Olympic Turnaround
Video The Olympic Turnaround
Did Romney claim too much credit in turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City?
Romney's French Skills
Video Romney's French Skills
Hear Romney speak French in this training video recorded to encourage Salt Lake City Olympic volunteers to speak French.
Transformation in Photos
Video Transformation in Photos
See what Romney looked like from a young boy to the presidential candidate of today in this sequence of photos.

New Globe book

'The Real Romney'

'The Real Romney'

This book is the first complete, independent biography of Mitt Romney, a man whose journey to national political fame is at once remarkable and thoroughly unsurprising.