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The Making of Mitt Romney

Privilege, tragedy,
and a young leader

Mitt Romney's mother called him her "miracle baby," since he arrived after doctors had warned she could never have children again. He grew up idolizing his force-of-nature father, George, and his parents invested great ambition in their youngest son. But until tragedy struck, he had few opportunities to show himself worthy of the expectations. (By Neil Swidey and Michael Paulson, Globe Staff)
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Survivors recall tragic car crash with Romney at wheel

The mission car was packed that day. Six people in a car that would comfortably seat five, but otherwise, an ordinary drive that happened to turn tragic. (By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff)
Gov. George Romney and his son, Mitt, look out over the Chrysler exhibit at the New York World's Fair grounds May 18,1964. Dick Milliman, who served as George Romney's press secretary, was struck by how much the governor delighted in having his youngest son around. 'They would hug upon meeting, and not just any hug,' he recalls. 'He would give Mitt a big bear hug and a kiss.' (AP File Photo)
Man on a Mission
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Photo Gallery Man on a Mission
Like most Mormon men, Romney became a missionary at age 19 and was sent to France, where he labored for 30 months.  
From Boy to Man
Video From Boy to Man
From gawky average teenager to serious presidential candidate: Just what happened to bring about this transformation?
Western Union telegram
Pop-up Western Union telegram
This telegram was written by George Romney announcing the birth of his son, Willard Mitt Romney, March 12, 1947.

New Globe book

'The Real Romney'

'The Real Romney'

This book is the first complete, independent biography of Mitt Romney, a man whose journey to national political fame is at once remarkable and thoroughly unsurprising.