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Acts of patriotism

Last Tuesday's terrorist attacks have prompted an outpouring of nationalist sentiment on a scale not seen since World War II. What is the most original or inspiring display of patriotism you've witnessed over the past week?

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At my daughter's daycare/preschool in Danvers, they spent last Friday making a flag. Where the stars belong, there are tiny little blue footprints and the stripes are red handprints. The sign next to it reads "America is our children."
Karen, Middletown

But if I had to single out one instance, I would say the selling out of flags all around the country.
Unknown, Boston

I was driving south on Route 3 in Marshfield, and up on the overpass were 6 American Flags, on poles ... flying high. It was amazing.
-Alicia, Westwood

Last Thursday on Rte. 93 South (before the split), 3 large tow trucks were parked on the side of the expressway, one having an extremely large flag draping from the top. Each of the tow truck drivers were outside of their trucks waving and showing their respect to all of the people passing by.
-Kelly, Quincy

When I was walking to work through downtown crossing last week, possibly on Wednesday, one of the clocks that usually plays music after marking the hour was playing "America the Beautiful." It just made me cry to think about how our nation has been affected by these terrible acts, but it also made me proud to think that this is my home.
-Jennifer Young, Boston

Actually, I have been fairly disappointed in Boston's/Weymouth's/Braintree's response. Walking through the financial district you see maybe one American flag. Driving through Braintree and Weymouth flags seem to be the exception rather than the rule. It's very frustrating to see pictures from across the country and even drive through other towns proudly displaying their patriotism, while to look locally, you'd never know that anything happened. I like to support local businesses, but I WILL NOT patronize any business without a flag or other recognition out front, even if I have to drive out of my way to do it. I encourage my fellow South Shore residents to follow my lead.
-Jen, Weymouth

The most inspiring display of patriotism I've witnessed over the past week was the NY firefighters raising the Stars n' Stripes at Ground Zero and the comparisons to the Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
-Greg Smith, Winchendon

I hope that this country and especially our government, pass a resolution of some kind that prohibits the defacing, burning, etc. of our flag a punishable offense. Just look at how important this symbol of our great country is to us all. Also, I hope Washington doesn't go belly-up in "negotiating" getting the parties responsible! I'm fed up with getting dumped on by every whacko group in the world!
-Dick, Westford

I have seen plenty of acts of patriotism and we should all be proud of how our nation has responded to this tragedy. However, the most patriotic action the country can take is a strong, forceful action to punish the perpetrators of this heinous act, as well as those who harbor them. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, "The only homage that counts is the homage of deeds, not of words ... Justice among the nations of mankind ... can only be brought about by those strong and daring men ... who love righteousness more than peace."
-Larry, Boston

I think all of the flags that are flying everywhere are inspiring. I also hope that after things settle down a little people don't forget their patriotism and go back to their old ways. Our lives are so fast-paced that sometimes we forget to pay attention to the little things ... little things are so important. Hug your kids, hug your spouse and siblings and keep in touch with everyone.
-Sue, Saugus

I attended the interfaith prayer vigil at Boston City Hall Plaza last Thursday. I just was amazed with how many people were there, showing their patriotism and their sympathies for those who have lost their lives, and for the families and friends who have lost loved ones. Hearing that there were four busloads of employees from both American and United Airlines at the service just brought tears to my eyes.
-Colleen, Malden

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