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Acts of patriotism

Last Tuesday's terrorist attacks have prompted an outpouring of nationalist sentiment on a scale not seen since World War II. What is the most original or inspiring display of patriotism you've witnessed over the past week?

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I appreciated the response of true Patriots to the disgraceful comments of Rep. Marty Meehan. To question our leaders in a time of crisis is shameful. Thank you America.
-Kevin, Arlington

There have been so many acts of patriotism in the last week, I don't think I can choose just one. From the plane that was brought down by passengers in PA, to firefighters lifting the flag just after the crash at the WTC, to all the people having vigils across the US, to all the rescue workers risking their own lives, to the small children collecting money, to all the blood donations, and everything in between. It's all just an awesome sight, to see the whole country ready to lend a helping hand in one form or another. All I can say is I am truly PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. I hope this spirit lasts.
-Wendy, Spencer

Last week, a young boy, maybe 12 years old, was walking down route 60 holding a small flag and a sign reading "Honk for U.S." The resulting noise was heartwarming.
-Michael, Malden

The most impressive sight I saw was Dan Rather's guest appearance on David Letterman's show Monday -- he cried and wept when talking about the tragedy It proved also he is soooo respected in the media and elsewhere he is also human. It was so sad. God Bless America.
-Claire, Boston

I'm from a little town in New Hampshire and I think it is amazing how a big city like Boston can come together and feel like a small town. I love big city life and I know it is for me.
-Craig B., Weymouth

The sea of Stars and Stripes, in every size imaginable, appearing everywhere I look. I never tire of seeing the Flag...
-Danny G., Arlington

It seems to me that people are friendlier. Someone walking down the street smiles and says "hi" and someone else smiles back. We can no longer be consumed by our petty differences, and it seems that we know that now. There is still a feeling of sadness, but there is also an outpouring of kindness and caring. I wouldn't want to be from anywhere else in the world, I love being an American.
-Tammy, Boston

All the trees in Westborough have purple ribbons tied around them. I've never seen anything like this before.
-Linda L., Boylston

I think it goes without saying that the most profound act of patriotism was the heroism shown by those on Flight 93 - not only did they most likely save the White House or Capital BUT they took a vote on whether they should do it -- Only Americans would think to take a vote in the face of danger -- amazing But in addition to this utmost act of patriotism, I think that the coming together of America in every way, be it as a rescue worker in NY, a child selling lemonade for $20, a car with flags on the antenna, candles burning to memorialize or even a silent prayer. It is truly heartwarming and actually healing to see this coming together of America. We need to keep this fire burning even if it's simply saying hi to a neighbor. We are America, the land of the free and the brave. We need to stay bonded to not go back to the me me me mentality we had become complacent with unfortunately. I don't mean this as a criticism, we simply are so lucky in the country that we never even took the moment to think about it and as human being took it for granted. If any good can/has come out of this it is this showing of patriotism and togetherness. In order to honor those who died we need to keep this alive. Someone had a great idea on the radio the other day and I think we should all do the same. Either place a white Christmas candle or burn a real candle ( not near anything flammable please) in our windows or on our porches in support of the rescue efforts and those in the military who will be going to work to help us. We should keep them lit for as long as it takes to rid the world of terrorism. In this way we will not forget and send a message to terrorist that we stand behind our country. God Bless America
-Judy, Just Outside Boston

My sister lives in Milford, Mich., and is close friends with a neighbor from the UK. Within hours of the terrorist attack last Tuesday, her neighbor bought an American flag and hung it on her front porch in a show of support for America. They were the first family in the neighborhood to display the American flag.
-Carole, Boston

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