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Acts of patriotism

Last Tuesday's terrorist attacks have prompted an outpouring of nationalist sentiment on a scale not seen since World War II. What is the most original or inspiring display of patriotism you've witnessed over the past week?

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I would like to suggest a way for all Americans to be patriotic through a voluntary contribution to "the war on terrorism effort". Could you folks at the Globe get behind a campaign to get congress and the president to pass a bill enabling citizens (through forms to be made available at all post offices) to make "VOLUNTARY WAR ON TERRORISM " contributions to the US treasury. For once in Washington raising dollars through taxes would be superceded by citizens' generosity and a compelling desire to contribute. Money would flow to the antiterrorism effort through peoples hearts and pocket books and send an unprecedented message to the world that as a nation of patriots we mean business. This would be a once in a life time of the nation opportunity for people to give what it will take to win this uncharted territory of war ... RESOURCES.
-Chris LaCroix, Hanover, N.H.

I went for a walk on Saturday afternoon. While walking through a residential neighborhood, I took notice that almost every house had put up an American flag, whether it was at the door, on the car or in the window. In one front yard, there was a two-sided sign -- that had been made by two small children. On one side it said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with you America" on the other side it said, "We hope you do the right thing, Mr. President." I smiled while goose bumps ran up and down my arms.
-Jennifer, Marlboro

A news report showing the re-opening of Green Airport outside of Providence showed workers unfurling a large American flag in the lobby. Travelers in the lobby stood at attention with their hands on their hearts watching the flag unfurl and then a man broke into singing The Star Spangled Banner. It brought tears to my eyes.
-Nancy Weaver, Lakeville

I was very moved by the way that the mayor of New York handled all of this. He was right there at ground zero. I don't know if that is patriotism or humanism. His courage was remarkable. What more can be said of the person?
-Tom Mitchell, Boston

The unity of everyone bonding together...flags waving all over town...the heroes who tried to overtake the hijackers in Pennsylvania... the generous support of those beloved who contributed their love to the victims, the victims families and the NYC firefighters! & the decision of all the major league ball players who took a week off.
-Judy, Stoneham

The patriotism we're seeing is more than that... it is a moving and open display of the human spirit. Each of these acts of kindness brings us closer to good winning over evil: For every flag we see waving, every person who tries to help, every child who understands, every person who puts their bitterness aside to act in some way, we are closer to being true Patriots - diverse, united, brave and proud. I have always believed that with a few exceptions, people of our country and the world are good, loving and kind; evolving in a positive way, and all after the same peace regardless of religion or race. Our reaction (and the world's reaction) to the horror has allowed me to embrace it wholeheartedly. I put myself in the hands of our country's leaders and do the best they know how to eradicate the world of evil. In the meantime, I'll buy any lemonade offered by a kid raising money for the relief efforts at any price.
-Meredith, Norfolk

I've seen flags on almost every passing car & in some instances flags painted on their cars. I've seen people (strangers) helping other people. I also was down Revere beach the night of the candle lighting ceremony. There were 50,000 candles which bordered Revere Beach's wall, from the beginning of the beach all the way down to the end of the beach. It was a very touching.
-Laurie, Medford

I work at a store in downtown Boston. The most impressive show of patriotism I have seen over the last week is the many people who have come into the store looking for American Flags. It pained me to tell them that we had none. My co-workers and I could tell that they had been everywhere in the downtown area looking for one. I believe that this has been testament to the world about the will and solidarity that the American public can muster in times of unimaginable tragedy.
-Sheila, Boston

Well, I've decided to post the most uninspirational display of what I'm sure what the individual recognized as patriotism that I have witnessed thus far. I was driving home from work on Friday in traffic on Rt 16. and I saw a pickup coming from the opposite direction with the words "Death to all of Islam" scrawled in red on the window. I was appalled beyond words and took all of the strength I had to give him the most evil look I could muster. Now I think what no one has bothered to explain to this ignorant man who was driving this truck is that it was sweeping generalities and stereotypes and ignorance that were behind these attacks and in writing that message on his truck, he is no better than those who carried out those attacks and believed in their cause. I think that there needs to be a special effort made to educate the public on Islamic beliefs and to make a definite distinction from those radical minds that carried out these acts and the true Muslim patriots of the United States. Hasn't our experience through our country's brief history taught citizens that much?
-Katie, Somerville

Fair enough, there were lot if incidences which portrayed patriotism, and not one of them could be singled out. But what made me feel good was that NY Mets yesterday donned NYPD and NYCFD (New York City Fire Department) caps instead of their regular baseball caps when they took the field. Doesn't that make you feel good ??
-Chuck, Belmont

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