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Acts of patriotism

Last Tuesday's terrorist attacks have prompted an outpouring of nationalist sentiment on a scale not seen since World War II. What is the most original or inspiring display of patriotism you've witnessed over the past week?

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Flying back from San Diego on Saturday Night: The plane stopped in Nashville, Tenn., and I got off to grab a bite to eat. Everything was closed. I had given blood earlier that day and was very hungry. This one sub shop "Miami Grill" had what I would consider the employee of the year that showed a real act of kindness. This older women, clutching her hand bag, wearing an American flag pin, heading for home placed down her things and went back into the kitchen and made me a giant Turkey Sub. I tried to pay her and she didn't charge me because the cash registers were closing out. She then would not even accept a sizeable tip and she said to me "Sweety, don't you worry about it, have a safe flight home and God Bless America."
-Glenn K., North Andover

Unity. Last Friday when everyone got together to light candles and wave flags all over the world. There was nothing better than that! I personally had never experienced something so wonderful as that. I invited my family over to light candles together. But somehow, it still did not make me feel any better. That evening, around 10 p.m. my sister called me and told me to grab my candles, my flags and my family and go to Maplewood Square in Malden. She said if you really want to feel better, this is the place to be! With that, my family rush to see what was going on. The vision was wonderful. People were standing on every corner shouting USA, USA, USA! flags were waving, candles were lit, cars honked their horns. Even Domino's delivered free pizza to the crowd! People were just being very courteous to one another. It was all just so very touching. It was exactly what I needed. And I am proud that my 11-year-old son had the opportunity to experience that harmony and unity. It is a day that he will always remember.
-Carol Merletti, Malden

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who suffered on that terrible day. My husband wants to reenlist with the Navy. He's so mad at these people, and what they have done to our country, he's ready to go again and make every one of these terrorist pay dearly for making the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THEIR LIVES!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!
-Debbie, Chelsea

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Malden, MA I saw a group of 3 teenagers painting a very large wooden fence the colors of the American Flag: Red, White and Blue. It is located on Route 99. It touched my heart. As drivers passed, some tooted their horns and gave a thumbs up. God Bless America.
-Pamela Melillo, Saugus

I was driving on Route 3 last Friday evening; I couldn't believe all the people at each overpass waving the American Flag; it actually brought me to tears. Also on the Furnace Brook Parkway Exit there was a Blue Hills Towing Company with a huge American Flag and workers were yelling "USA, USA; it made me very proud to be an American in this time of grief. I just hope this lasts! God Bless America!
-Jeanette, Boston

Friday I was flipping through the radio stations while driving home from work. I stopped on the station that was playing our nation's anthem. My heart swelled. When the anthem concluded the broadcaster came back on. It was a Vietnamese station. Tears came to my eyes, they too are patriotic Americans.
-Susan Huschle, Huntington Beach, Calif.

My boyfriend and I were driving to a wedding in Maine over the weekend. On Friday night, as we traveled North on 95 near Newbury, we saw a beautiful sight. About 100 people or so had gathered on a bridge over 95, with lit candles. It was serene, beautiful and eerie to see.
-Tracey, Natick

I was riding the Green Line yesterday afternoon, and sitting next to me was an older woman who appeared to be homeless. It was evident to me she did everything she could to express her patriotism. Her soiled clothing, mix matched socks, and the torn rags and bandannas tied in her hair were either Red, White or Blue. This act of True Patriotism - displayed by a person that one might expect to have every reason to lose faith in the nation in which she lives. As I walked away from the train, I stopped to reflect for a moment. Even with little or no resources, people from all walks of life in our great country are banning together to express their love for The Land of the Free. May God Bless and bring Peace to us all.
-Nikki, Canton

IT was nice to see the people of Brockton come together at the Brockton H.S. football game in a candlelight moment of silence. This also poured onto the streets as people came together beeping their horns in which you could hear from miles away. Also if you drive down the streets of Brockton you will see flags everywhere -- not bad for a city of many nationalities. Once again Brockton truly is the CITY OF CHAMPIONS.
-Keith MacDonald, Brockton

There are so many inspirational moments happening that it's hard to pick just one. The flying of the Stars & Stripes all over the country, the firefighters and rescue crews in NY & DC, the passengers that gave their lives in Virginia in order to save others, the children, and the general feeling of being America United are all truly heartfelt. I heard a story on the radio last night about the Red Cross in NY collecting monetary donations for the families of the victims. They were mentioning all the generous people stopping by and giving what they could. Then they mentioned that a homeless man stopped by and dropped some coins into the box. That should tell us all something - if someone who has nothing can give, then we call can give. Thank you, America!
-Proud to be an American

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