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Acts of patriotism

Last Tuesday's terrorist attacks have prompted an outpouring of nationalist sentiment on a scale not seen since World War II. What is the most original or inspiring display of patriotism you've witnessed over the past week?

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On Friday night, the Rhode Island State House hosted a candlelight vigil. On the way there, many Rhode Islanders reported seeing a beautiful rainbow. It seemed to stretch from the State House to the hands of God in an effort to provide support and love to all affected by the recent tragedy. I have never seen a more beautiful sight.
-Melissa, West Warwick, R.I.

In my six year old daughter I have seen incredible sense of maturity and patriotism - although she doesn't understand exactly what happened and why - she knows a lot of people have died. Friday was her 6th birthday and we burned birthday candles at a candelight vigil in Harvard Square - and she turned to me and said "these are for all the people who died, not for my birthday and she silently let her balloons float up to the sky ... it made me cry and realize that hope does go on for the future generations ...
-Julie, Arlington

I took part in a charity road race over the weekend. Before the start, we had a moment of silence and then all the runners held hands and sang our national anthem. Every single voice could be heard singing the "Star Spangled Banner". So often, people do not sing or sing quietly when it is played at sporting or other events. I was so moved to hear everyone singing with full volume. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of it. What a proud moment...I hope the spirit lives on!
-Laurie, Boston

I saw an Indian Sikh wear a Red, White and Blue turban on a street today. It reminded me of the diversity of our country and that he wasn't afraid to be who he was. I felt proud to be American and waved at him. STOP THE HATE!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
-Jim, Medford

I would say the most inspiring act of patriotism/courage took place on board the jetliner that crashed in Pennsylvania. The four men who took it upon themselves to avert danger to more civilian lives on the ground are heroes and undoubtedly deserve the national Medal of Freedom. The draping of a huge American flag over the side of the Pentagon right after the incident was also very inspiring.
-Rick Kampersal, Reading

Terrorists may have bombed our buildings trying to kill America. All they did was bring American patriotism to life!!!
-Duncan, Methuen

I went to a candle-light vigil on Sunday night at 6:30 in my town, it was originally set up as a rally against hateful literature that was sent out a few weeks ago....it turned into a showing of patriotism, and unity, people of every nationality, color, and religion where there....some where crying, some where waving flags, but everyone was cheering "USA, USA"
-Jason, Arlington

The American people coming into New York from all over the US working side by side to overcome this tragedy. This tragedy has truly proven the USA to be one great nation.
-Mark, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The raising of the American Flag by the three firefighters at ground zero!
-Mary Margaret Walsh, Watertown

I was stuck in Pittsburgh last week. I was eating dinner at a restaurant alone. Two couples were sitting in a booth and one of the guys came over and asked if I was from out of town. I said yes and they invited me to join them for dinner so I wouldn't be alone at least for a few hours. A small thing like that goes along way.
-Mark, Quincy

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