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Columbia shuttle disaster
Saturday, February 1, 2003
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Condolence book NASA has set up an online condolence book dedicated to the Columbia crew.
Sign the book
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Families' statement

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NASA Columbia site

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The crew of the space shuttle Columbia
The crew of the space shuttle Columbia.   Profiles of the crew members
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 Special reports
Should we be up there at all?
In a time when unmanned satellites can broadcast TV images around the world, and robots can scurry across Mars, why send people into space?

The next space race
This fall, China will launch its first manned satellite into orbit. For the United States, this is a threat - and an opportunity.   Message board:
Should the US invest in upgrading its space program? Should we anticipate military conflict in space? Read messages

 Final words
The final radio contact between Mission Control and shuttle Columbia, shortly before 9 a.m. EST:

Mission Control: "Columbia, Houston we see your tire pressure messages and we did not copy your last."
Columbia: "Roger, uh, ..." (transmission breaks off after the crew member starts to say a word beginning with the sound "buh.")

 Past Globe coverage
Damaged wing is under suspicion in fiery crash
Officials had warned of NASA safety issues
Shuttle instruments signaled a problem
Loss of insulation raised as a theory in explosion
As residents find debris, officials seek clues
Russian capsule may bring 3 astronauts home
Texans hoped in the first minutes, then despaired
President Bush offers words of comfort
Text of Bush's address to the nation
Families' expectancy turns to sorrow
Leaders voice sorrow; Iraqis unsympathetic
For McAuliffe family, tragedy resonates
As with the Challenger, a nation is joined in grief
Again on TV, riveting scenes and gathering of grief
Globe Editorial: Columbia's final flight

NASA looks for answers to Columbia disaster
NASA's missions were the centers to communities
Officials are poring over painful 'ifs'
Texas county strained by debris collection
Supply work shifts to Russia
Lure of space travel overshadows dangers
Research results lost, says NASA
McAuliffe recalled as nation reflects
In Florida, residents feel loss of friends
NASA program has had its share of tragedy
Public and politicians see shuttle program's value
Fledgling program loses its identity


Pictures from the mission  Pictures from the mission

Memorials to the astronauts  Memorials to the astronauts


Potential problems
Shuttle Columbia statistics
Columbia's final approach
Map of shuttle debris area
How a shuttle returns to Earth
Debris strikes Columbia
Keeping heat outside shuttle
Focus on shuttle tiles
Trouble in the left wing
The private sector in space
Spinoffs from space


History of the shuttle program
Deadly accidents in space program
Glossary of space shuttle terms
Timeline of Columbia's last flight
Text of President Bush's address


Reaction to the shuttle disaster


Space shuttle Columbia
About the mission (Needs Flash)
* Space shuttle reference manual
Shuttle facts, activities, and history
How the space shuttle lands
Virtual tour of shuttle Columbia.
* Background on the Columbia

Video of shuttle's last minutes

Space Shuttle Encyclopedia (unofficial site)

Challenger explodes

From the Globe archives:
Challenger explodes
Profiles of crew members
Final words of crew
Profile of Christa McAuliffe

McAuliffe mother urges exploration

For McAuliffe kin, crash resonates
As with Challenger, nation grieves

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